Kaila’s Current Room + How I Arrange My Thoughts + Little INKPLAY Shop & Imani’s Kawaii Dreams

Hello everybody! 🙂

This blog post is composed of 3 random parts and I hope it’s okay haha. I have so many things to share and I find it the hardest to try to combine everything together in unison lolol especially when so many things are happening all at the same time! *_*


Been juggling Rainbowholic, KPH Store, Design Festa preparations, OKT, JLM Store altogether ~ Hopefully I can finish all before May ends!

I need another Kaila in my life lolol #KailaProblems



Spot my Marie cookies!! These are my favorites <3

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Rainbowholic’s Booklet of Dreams

 Hello everybody!

As promised, here is the PDF format of the mini booklet of dreams I gave out during the Rainbowholic Meet-up last 2014 in Manila. : ) It’s really an informal one, and I just made many photocopied booklets for the 2-hour meet-up / talk. 😀

I actually forgot to bring with me a copy here in Japan ~ *_* Lololol : ))


Before we proceed~ FIRST.. I would like to give HUGE thanks and lots of virtual hugs to Kaela, one of the participants in the meet-up, for doing this huge favor for me (scanning + compiling into a downloadable PDF… uwaa~)! You guys can also check out her creative work on behance here.  :star:

Kaela was one of the most active participants in my mini event and her enthusiasm in learning (by asking questions and the like) impressed me a lot. She also started a small (and closed) facebook group for everyone who joined in my meet-up. Thank you for the initiative, I really appreciate it so much (huhuhu)!!  Though I might be gone for facebook at present (I deactivated my real FB account for work concentration purposes).. just want to say that my spirit is still within the fb group, hehe! :”)



Click here to download the free booklet PDF.  :cheer: | Doodles by ChiChi Romero / LMP

Another participant, Liana, has sent me her colored version of the (coloring book-inspired) booklet too~ Yipee! : )


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Rainbowholic Meet-up 2014 (Part 2)

I know this post has been long overdue already but… I will still publish this no matter what, haha!


To continue this previous entry (Part 1 of Rainbowholic meet-up), here’s a preview of what transpired during my 2-hour nonstop talking! :))


Since the cafe was just big enough to hold mini gatherings, I felt that my fellow dreamers (baby dreamers?) would appreciate handmade posters instead.


I hope I can do these in other countries when I travel and visit with friends! ;_; #dreams #goals


Booklet of dreams ~ to be colored by the participants 🙂


Old & dreamy rainbowholic drawings from the past. Haha!


Wore the kawaii-fied jumper I also wore during my first day as a “kawaii leader” before. Symbolic moment haha!


 Felt so surreal to speak in front of these girls who have supported my ventures / Kawaii PH projects for a long time.

It was my way of saying thanks to them, but also to the “universe” for being so kind even if life becomes a struggle at times. 🙂


I will not let go of this dream. 🙂

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Rainbowholic Meet-up Talk (Part 1)

Last October 18 (Saturday), I finally met some of my readers here in Manila (hellooooo if you are reading this <3)!!

It was just not a simple meet-up, but it was quite an “intimate” gathering! 😀


I gave them a “motivational” talk about dreams, creative life, kawaii, achievements..

I shared with them my life experiences, learnings and some tips / life hacks! ^_^

I hope I will be given a chance to share my thoughts to others in different places too!

I really want to meet my readers around the world!! Huhu. Someday~ ^^


These were the mechanics on how to get chosen..

I really had a hard time choosing from the entries >_<

Someday, bigger venue!!





Thank you Mother’s Crepe and Cafe Philippines for the place! ^_^

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