Pokémon GO in Japan 🔥 + Daily Cuteness ❤️

Hi everybody!

If you’ve been following me through my social media accounts, you would know what Pokemon GO has done to me so far… (hi, eyebags and sore feet). I went home yesterday night (or this morning ?? lol) with my cousin at 12:30 AM after spending 2 hours walking around the neighborhood to catch some pokemon haha. OMG ;_; These are really one of those things that make me want to persevere in life hahaha


My new inspiration to wake up extra early everyday: Pokemon Go Playtime :))

charmander-pokemon-go.jpg saitama-pokestop-pokemon-go.png

I remember the first time when I first opened the app! Best feeling in the world haha


Watch ✏️ #Hobonichi With Me x  Pokémon GO (ポケモンGO) 🔥 video ~


I almost spent half of my Saturday just around our area. I didn’t want to spend nor go out of Saitama (been saving money) ~ so I would say that Pokemon GO is really perfect for grandma millenials like me :))

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Kawaii Spam Overload: Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte + Dream Cherry Blossom Nike Sneaks + #OnlyInJapan Haagen Dazs Flavors

Hi everybody!

Just want to share this set of kawaii flatlays / random kombini photos I’ve taken recently. As of the moment, I have 9,000 photos stored in my Camera Roll. Dear God, please grant me the strength to make time for deleting repetitive snaps, haha!

… maybe for now, let me dump all the cuteness here! 😉

Anywaaaay~ do enjoy the rainbow feast!


My cousin Gilbert gave me this Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte (with crushed strawberries) from Family Mart. Thank you Gil! ^_^


I love collecting and hoarding precious Milky / peko-chan souvenir boxes! Arigatou to my bestfriend Leen for being so thoughtful as always!

Peko Y U SO CUTEEE huhuhu


*takes 10+ more photos lololol*

Honestly though.. I’m not really loving the flavor. It’s too strong for me and it reminds me of some meds I used to take when I was a child. Haha

10 stars for the packaging though! It just proves that anything with a kawaii / sakura-fied design would really SELL hahaha. Super effective marketing / advertising! :))

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Fujiya Cafe in Shibuya + Nakano Visit + Sakura Chocolate from Starbucks Japan?!

Hello! Good Morning from Japan! おはよう!<3

Before anything else… I would like to invite everyone to join our..

We have prepared exciting and fun prizes for Kawaii Girls (around the world!)  :heart:

So far, we’ve garnered 15,400+ entries already?! It sure is big! Hehe~  :yay:

Reuniting with Peko @ Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya

As many of you probably know.. I’m addicted to Japanese strawberry shortcakes. I could even eat a whole cake.. :))

Since my brother / the boss is out for a meeting, I asked my sis-in-law and cousin to go with me to Shibuya.

Because I missed Shibuya and I was craving for Fujiya cakes!


I’ve also written a mini review of this place before.. when I was around 13-14 yrs. old, HAHAHAHA kidding.




AHHHH Peko-chan, you’re so cute!!

Kawaii, kawaii Pekoooちゃん!

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