#Hobonichi With Me Facebook Live + Allie in Saitama + Pokemon Go!

Hi everybody!

Here’s a photospam / photo diary of what happened this weekend!


Had an impromptu / spontaneous facebook live today!


Here’s the Hobonichi spread output for 2 days~

You can watch the entire process here.



Also, I just finished uploading our Tambara Lavender Park #Hobonichi video (with some clips / video snippets of our adventure) ~


Just a random photo of this super cute icecream packaging!

IMG_8015Allie Pokemon Go

Photo of my friend Allie taking over my mini atelier / craft corner in the room!

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#Hobonichi With Me Updates + Some Realizations Recently

Hi there!

Been religiously editing videos & it feels so great to just have a creative outlet everyday. My work and my hobbies are actually almost worlds apart … & I am not complaining. I treat JLM Store 10AM-6PM everyday job as a “school” where I can learn hands-on management. At present, I am the one who is in charge of overseeing all the operations (+ heavy marketing work).  I can’t believe that the day wherein we could a hire a part-timer in the office has happened already (and she’s a super genki / cheerful 60 yr. old Japanese lady btw). I consider it as one of my milestones.. considering how small we started before.  I can still remember having some crying spells during / after work because of the pressure (self-pressure, I suppose lol) but hey, I’m still alive and smiling! These days, I am just taking everything slow (slowly but surely) even if I am forced to be fast-paced (how contradicting, haha!). Thanks to Manila team (Chichi and Kaye) for always helping me out & working with me so efficiently and effectively. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication! ^_^

Enough of work-related musings, and let’s start with the hobonichi diary updates! : ) I sound so different whenever I talk about work, haha!

Just click on the links below to go to the WIP (work in progress) videos of how I arrange my hobonichi pages with different styles.

hobonichi june 16

#Hobonichi With Me 06/16

hobonichi june 15

#Hobonichi With Me 06/15

hobonichi june 14

#Hobonichi With Me 06/14

hobonichi june 12

#Hobonichi With Me 06/12

As you can tell, I’m really, really enjoying this daily hobonichi (video) project / series. Views, shares, likes are just extra stuff for me actually.

Being able to share and practice my skills (analog + digital) = absolute happiness for Kaila ^^

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How To Overcome Your Uphill Battles (a.k.a. Surviving Your Downtime)

you can do it

This is Kaila’s how-to guide for overcoming your personal demons. May this also serve as a reminder for my future self who is bound to face more challenges in life. ^^

If you are currently facing your personal demons (or yourself is becoming a frenemie to yourself again), I hope that my 5 suggestions on how to rise up again will open up your mind. ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

1. Are you currently unhappy right now because you feel you’re not enough? Feel & analyze your feelings. Look at your problem from another perspective. Try to not listen too much from the worst critic (which can be the unhappy version of you). Imagine having a friend who is so negative and discouraging. Would you still like to listen to this friend? Be a nice friend to yourself too! We all deserve nice and positive friends! : )

Got rejected? Lost a work opportunity? Failed a test even if you’ve done your best? Well, there’s still good news! It’s not because you are lacking. It just means that maybe, some things are not meant for you this time or better yet, you have greater things in store for you coming your way! KEEP THE FAITH. Don’t let one failure to stop you just for that one time. Being rejected from something does not mean that you are not meant for something that we called “greatness”. Continue on working on your dreams and allow bumps / challenges here and there that pause you from time to time. Look at these as opportunities to learn, to improve, and to become a better person. I remember the time I failed for the first time in university. Looking back, I think that right now, I am very thankful for that “tiny bump”. I became an irregular student but I met more people (whom I wouldn’t be able to meet if I did not become an irregular student) and I got to get a better grade the second time around. No matter how cliche it sounds, everything does happen for a reason. You don’t have to dwell on your bump longer and hurt yourself more. If you make mistakes, it means that you are learning. The latter is only applicable if you are willing to accept to learn though. So do take the learnings! Those are gems! : )

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Define Your Own Normal

Hello there!

For today’s blog entry, I just want to share some of my thoughts about self-expression and defining your own “normal”.

When I was walking around during Design Festa, this artist and her art automatically caught my eye. For me, this is very meaningful and straight to the point.

Indeed, what is normal anyway?


Before, my definition of “normal” in terms of fashion would be dressing up in basics . Playing it safe with a simple top,  jeans, and a pair of sneakers or flats. Being and flaunting my “rainbowholic” self right now was something that was just on my mind before and I just longed for it. I did not have enough confidence nor courage to define my own normal, and I just accepted what “society” defined it to be. For others, they are comfortable with that.. and I fully respect that. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys not following the usual trend, not everybody would show the mutual respect that we all deserve. *sighhhh*

One day, I realized that my real “normal” that I would love to be comfortable with everyday is far from the dictionary term / suggested definition by the society.

My normal would be:

  • Wearing a big bow at age 24
  • Wearing colorful and quirky socks / shoes
  • Being experimental with fashion (Note: I was waaaay more colorful before than now though, haha. I kinda toned down my style because I like trying out other styles that would require lesser time to think since I’ve become 100000x busier.  :)) )

For some, my “normal” is weird. I always get “the look” when I go back home in the Philippines. I am not entirely sure why people easily assume I would go to an event / party / celebration when I just put extra effort on myself by styling my clothes and putting make-up on lol. Can’t we all be fab during regular days too? :))

I dress up like the way that I am not because I want to call out attention or something. I dress to express, and not to impress. I wear something not because it is branded / can be a topic for a conversation. I wear something because I like it, and it represents my personality.. whether it’s from a thrift store or not. : )


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