How To Move On From A Heartbreak

Hello everyone!

Since it is still fitting to blog about love (it is February after all), I thought of writing about one of my highly-requested topics from my female readers…  and it is about how to fully move on / get over your past. : )


 Doodled above are just some of my tips on how to move on.

Disclaimer though.

I’m far from a “relationship” expert so I am just sharing what I did to fully heal & become this happy life-lovin’ gal that I am now. : )

I promised myself before that once I am fully healed from the hurt and resentments.. I would share it to others.

And you know me.. once I feel that my life lessons can help others too, I wouldn’t hesitate to share my struggle-turned-success stories. ^^

– What I Think About Love –

– What I Learned About Love –

Just to give you guys a background of my situation (since we all have different kinds of love, hehe~).. I’ve had one serious relationship before. I’ve had few infatuations / crushes here and there (do Korean boyband members count? LOLOL. It’s hard to move on when they get new girlfriends haha) and basically that’s just it.. so far (lololol). I cannot remember how many years it has been but we don’t talk anymore (I think it’s the best for the both of us). We got together before I moved to Japan (around 4 years ago?), and had a long distance relationship for a year or so. Since it was my first ever commitment (never thought I would, at 19 haha. that’s how of a planner I am when it comes to my life lol).. I kinda took it hard. Of course, rejections in any FORM.. would sting & can be painful. Rejections can make a person feel bitter and insecure, and it’s normal. But what I’ve learned is.. that kind of feeling shouldn’t be dragged too long. I also had an ideal perspective about relationships (that my first boyfriend would also be my last.. or “the one”).. but I guess, it does not apply to everyone. And some people do get into a couple of relationships before meeting the person they are meant to be with. It’s a case-by-case basis for each person I guess. : )

I am the type of girl who’d take “commitment” seriously. And I wouldn’t easily fall in love with someone I wouldn’t imagine to be part of my future (I weigh all the pros and cons haha). I would rather be single in my twenties than have a complicated series of love life (lololol series??).. I guess that’s just really me, and I’m being unapologetic about it. And honestly, I am having fun with my current work and daily activities. Basically I just treat the love life part as an addition. I used to also think that life would be “complete” if you had a special someone with you to celebrate special days and whatnots. But not anymore. : )

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To my 22 yr. old self

I was just browsing through my old profile pictures on facebook, and found this photo of myself during my birthday last January (2013). And it’s going to be in less than a month…. again! Time flies so fast when you’re having fun! TT_TT

It gave me a shudder by just looking at it because it also somehow reminded me of that dark period in my life, haha.

2013 literally started from my zero / negative number.. and I’m happy to say that it’s going to end with a positive 100% or… even more! 😀

It isn’t obvious in the photo but during this time (check the eyebags guys haha), I wasn’t truly happy about myself… and ..

I couldn’t sleep right and all I did for the whole first week of 2013 was.. to cry. Why? It was because I just found out that time, that le past had already someone new. And I cried over that… TT_TT #why #WHY #WHY : ))

I don’t know how I managed to hold it all in, not telling a single friend what the hell happened to me.. so everyone that time was surprised. Bright and cheerful Kaila was crying her eyeballs out, tsk. :)) You know you’ve moved on when you laugh at your mistakes / past problems and worries.

Anyway, enough of the past. This post is actually going to be an OPEN  congratulatory / happy / love letter to my 22 yr. old self!  :heart: *dances*

I know that this is a weird thing to do, but I know I deserve a self pat on the back from time to time. Even though I’m usually very optimistic, I admit that I’m quite hard on myself too.. and sometimes I’d believe in my own voice that “I’m not enough” and the like… I guess it’s just natural to want to become better, just a human being here, haha.

The figure below is too accurate to describe what I’m feeling right now. :))

*pats self*


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Pitch Black Nights

I don’t know if this is PMS or whatever, but I’ve been thinking about this for so many days. Hehe. I’m not a good writer but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts so here it is. Been feeling a bit stressed out too so I feel like I need to get these out from my heart..

(Also, might as well use this blog.. there might be someone having a hard time out there and needed this hehe).  :nod:

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