Sanrio Puroland Part 1: My Melody Room & Dream Cafe + Others

Hi everyone! こんにちは!

For this special Sanrio Puroland blog series, I shall be sharing around 500+ photos I took during my visit with かわいい Josephine!

If you’re a reader from years ago, you’d probably remember the time I went to Sanrio Puroland years ago with my bestfriend Leen. And we wore matching Kitty-chan inspired outfits too, haha! Memories!

DSCF3462 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Been super looking forward to this day since last December! I really saved up and allocated funds for this kawaii date, haha!

DSCF3470 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Still looking as magical as ever, Puroland!

DSCF3473 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

DSCF3457 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Favorite red shoes (even if it’s slightly stained, haha) ~ Bought this pair for almost 250-300 JPY (100 PHP) from a thrift store in the Philippines!

DSCF3459 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Curled my hair for this day. I think I woke up at around 5:30 / 6:00 in the morning just to prepare (and also because of excitement, I must say Hahahhahaa).

Josephine and I decided to meet at Shinjuku station (forgot if it was 9 or 10 am, haha).

DSCF3460 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Arrived earlier so I decided to munch on some breakfast! Yay food!

DSCF3461 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Got to know more about Josephine while we were riding the Keio line~ :”)

I really enjoyed our conversations throughout the whole day! I got to know more about Norway (such an interesting country btw) because of her too!

Thank you so much for letting me get to know you!

And…. I’m just really so happy that I get to enjoy Sanrio Puroland with a friend who is also obsessed with kawaii characters / Sanrio! If I went with my family or non-kawaii lover friends, I think that they wouldn’t be able to appreciate it as much as  I do! Hehehe ~

DSCF3762 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Thank you for so being game with me! Yay, Gudetama purikura!! *Happy Tears*

DSCF3464 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Me at this point: How to stop taking photos of Sanrio Puroland’s rainbow entrance? :))

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Onegaishimasu + Daily Kawaii in Kaila’s Life with Instagram

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :star:

I have a favor to ask from all of you…

If you love my previous entry of me dressed up in a handmade mini yukata (or just me.. please say you do haha)…


Will you vote for me here?

I’d also love to hear comments from you  :heart:

Here’s me and my Blythe Kumiko, wearing matching yukata  :blush:


Win or lose, I’m 100% o–k!  I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for this wa-style with a twist of rainbowholic shoot!  :yay:

I actually might be doing this more often since I’ve been sewing incessantly these days.. @_@ Yay for more crazy themed shoots~  :yay:

I used to be shy and do photoshoots of myself in my little room before but forgetting shyness is something I’ve been working on.

じゃあ!どうぞよろしくお願いします!  :333:

Life in Instagram and Daily Kawaii

Here’s a peek of my life during regular (work) days at home and places here in lovely Saitama <3

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Kaila’s Little Kitchen + Japonista Sole Jika Tabi Remakes!

One of my womanly dreams (wow those exist) is to have a little kitchen where I can make pancakes, invent my own omelettes.. and bake rainbow cupcakes.  :peace:

I am proud to say that I am already able to do the first things mentioned above. Rainbow cupcakes can wait… at least I am one step closer to attain that dream! I have my own kitchen now!!!  :star:

Before, our kitchen here isn’t even a “kitchen”. My brother lived his life (before I disturbed him by coming here to Japan, haha) with only a microwave + easy access to a MINISTOP here. Finally, I convinced him to buy a second-hand stove from a recycle shop (wherein you can find gems at lowest prices) where I could practice my then non-existing cooking skills. I wanted to copy Royal Host’s pancakes but unfortunately… their secret pancake recipe still remains undiscovered by me. I can make amoeba-shaped, burnt, or raw pancakes though…

Thankfully, I have a future sister-in-law like Ate Claire who has been helping me with cooking and kitchen stuff. She was the one who taught me to make my own pasta!! Oh boy, I was so happy that time!!

Most of the stuff are from Seria (my favorite 100 yen shop) + from Ate Claire’s kitchen before ^^v

It looks much better than it was before! It was so… bad that I didn’t like the idea of visitors coming to our little place : ))))

My favorite characters <3


For today’s lunch…


(and friends, I was wearing a tank top inside this super cute apron! : ))) )

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My Kind of Saturday Morning

I always look forward to Saturday mornings. It’s the day when I can wake up two hours later than my usual time, have my own breakfast in bed while watching episodes, and care about kanji and work contribution later in the afternoon. It’s the most productive part of weekend because I usually want to get all my chores done on this earlier half of the day. Laundry, dishes, arranging my coats (yup, apparently this is a chore for me), and finally.. fix my bed! It’s always crazy during my weekday mornings so I don’t have enough time to fix what I have just slept on. Hehe~

Somehow, by arranging / designing my workplace alleviates my mood.

I have a love affair with Blythe, My Melody, Pooh.. and the sky..??  😉

Today felt like blah… I was actually going to somewhere for an event (I could either choose today or tomorrow) but I don’t know, my mind tells me to go out but my body disagrees! I listened to my body so I just enjoyed my solidarity by cooking my own food and doing my usual exercise routine (Hiphop Abs.. I know, this is just so random @_@).

Even though today was a bit frustrating for me (didn’t feel productive enough, but that’s just me overthinking I guess), I had some good realizations about self-improvement. This year, I promised to myself that I will get myself busy not only with things that I love doing, but also with things I’m worst at. Ever since my brother’s girlfriend has started to teach me basic cooking stuff every woman has to know, I’ve began to enjoy it. Nothing feels better than realizing you’ve just found another hobby!

Another that I’m also frustrated at.. is dancing. Now I regret telling my mom that I would’t continue with my ballet lessons when I was younger. Maybe later, you’ll watch a video of me covering a kpop song or something? : )) Thanks to Hiphop Abs, I didn’t know my body could be this flexible! LOL, this sounds like a testimonial written back at the DVD case. : ))

Well, that’s how my day went. Nothing near work productivity but it was still fun. : )