Kawaii Leaders Day 2, Part 2/3: Kawaii Hunting in Laforet!

Good morning from Japan! Here is the promised second part of our super jampacked DAY 2 as a Kawaii Leader!

You can view / read the previous entry here!  :3:

We visited so many places in Harajuku (as for me, it felt like I was touring a pack of Kawaii Lovin’ people haha!)~ We had the opportunity to kawaii snap everything so.. here are some of the things that I found “Kawaii” from each store we visited.

Thank you Kawaii Official for all of these experiences!  😎

Yay pretty light bulbs~


My brother would LOVE everything here.

Especially this pair.


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Kawaii Leaders Day 2, Part 1/3: Kawaii Hunt Preview!

Hello guys!  :yay:

Though I am already MONTHS late (blogging-wise) about the Kawaii Leaders project we had, I swear that I’ll do my best to finish all the pending blog entries! The number of photos I need to post is very overwhelming but you guys know me.. I don’t like finishing something halfway. In some way, I’ll try to reminisce every magical day I had with the girls & the rest of the production team.


Quick Recap

Our call time for our super hectic 2nd day was so early! I think we had to meet everyone else at 7:30 am-ish! As a “kawaii girl” (lololol this term amuses me), I had to wake up 2-3 hours earlier to prepare everything. Take a bath, dry & fix my hair, put some make-up on, ready my coordinate for the day.. and take mandatory outfit shots. Since it was also just weeks after JapanLover.me’s launch, I had to answer soooo many emails + updates in the morning too. It was so crazy! ;_; I had to be extra careful about my health too because during that time, I still had gallbladder problems. When I am stressed out, I tend to just eat whatever so it was truly yabai (dangerous) that time hehe..

Anyway, to start the morning right for our “first official day” together, I tried out the hotel’s coffee.


It’s not shown in the photos but it was a weird & interesting one. I like my coffee strong & black and I sort of got addicted to it.. it was something I looked forward in the morning too hahaha.

After our very quick hotel breakfast, we headed to the KAWAii! Matsuri location to practice for our runway show.


We also did some kawaii hunting for JTB (Japan Tourism Board)! Went to Harajuku of course 🙂

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Harajuku Reporter for NHK World’s Kawaii International

Hello ~ hello! Gomen for the overdue posts, been crazy busy these days! So many great things happening for Japan Lover Me and Rainbowholic! :O This post has been in drafts for a week now… ;_; Not gonna complain though, I think it’s better to have less time in blogging and doing more productive work. *comforts self*

Moreover, this is what I envisioned myself when I was hibernating months ago with all my dream projects (which aren’t dreams anymore ;__;). Be so busy with life that doesn’t really involve the internet (and more on meeting like-minded people / experiencing life outside). Wow, I’m growing up! Haha~..  😥


Anywaaay, back to the objective of this post, hehehe 😛

Last April 28, I appeared on NHK World’s Kawaii International program!

And it was with two of my friends, Lintang and Kumamiki-chan~ !! *_* IT WAS PURELY COINCIDENTAL GUYS HUHUHUHU ;_:


To be chosen as a Kawaii Leader, it’s really.. ;_; overwhelming!  :blank:

The Harajuku report is my first task as a “Kawaii Leader”. Also, it was sort of my prize for winning the People’s Choice Award as well.


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Rainbowholic as Harajuku Reporter in NHK WORLD’s Kawaii International?!


Details later, let’s watch the first airing for now!! IT’S GOING TO START SOON!! *_* (typing this @ 11:40 PM April 27 JPN TIME)


Online streaming page: http://www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/index.html

In UTC or Universal Time Coordinated:
April 27, Sat. 15:10 / 19:10 / 23:10
April 28, Sun. 3:10 / 7:10 / 11:10

In JST or Japan Standard Time:
April 28, Sun. 0:10 / 4:10 / 8:10 / 12:10 / 16:10 / 20:10

In Philippine Time:
April 27, Sat. 11:10
April 28, Sun. 3:10 / 7:10 / 11: 10 / 15:10 / 19:10

✿ Available on internet for free for everyone to watch ✿
✿ Same episode will be streamed in a total of 6 times once in 24 hours ✿
✿ Only available for streaming, not for downloading ✿

✿ Program web page:  http://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/ ✿
✿ Chat available while watching the show: www.facebook.com/kawaiiiofficial ✿

Thank you Enji / Anggy for collaborating with me with this special Rainbowholic “Ganbattemasu” necklace!

(Ganbattemasu = Doing My Best)

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