3 cities, 1 week.

I’m so happy I get to write this post now~! It requires so much effort and time to fill my entries with photos  😥

And I have other stuff to do, I have to finish these before my memory fails me @_@

I spent the whole night looking for a perfect song.. and I landed on my favorite playlist.

This song is “Open Happiness” by Monkey Magic (you’ve probably heard this from one of my entries before)


Photospammed entries in a list:

Natsu Yasumi Roundup

Posted Kyoto photos below are from my brother’s D200.

Kyoto’s train station is  😎

I struggled with the stairs because I felt guilty of eating donuts..  :sigh:

Where we stayed, Aoi So Inn.

Lost girl looking lost

First (unnamed) temple. We haven’t gotten our bikes here yet.

Kyoto Imperial Palace that we missed (because I was busy taking photos of random objects :sweatdrop: )

Dream bike! I’d like a cottoncandy blue or a caramel-colored one : )

Heart of Kyoto, as my brother describes it. This is so beautiful when you go biking at night!

Kirei na shashin desu ne..

Ginkakuji (慈照寺) – Silver Pavilion – wiki

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