ABC x Rainbowholic Day 5: Asakusa, Icecream, Okonomiyaki and Nescafe Cafe

Hello everyone! 

For today’s overdue photospam, here are the pictures from our Day 5. We spent the entire day at Asakusa eating icecream and okonomiyaki. I got to meet Jessie (Abbey’s friend), who was also in Tokyo that time. You can check her yummy food photos here! It was such a relaxing day for me and Abbey (for both workaholics, great conversations about life, dreams, goals, action plans = our way of de-stressing LOLOL) 🙂

(Before anything else, I MISS YOU ABBEY!)


Icecream to start the day! Lol




Spotted: Kawaii Nabe lolol


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Last Day at Ginza with Kawaii Leaders + Uniqlo Kawaii Style + Yummy Okonomiyaki in Harajuku

Hello friends! How are you?  :heart: It’s crazy how time flies so much! I cannot believe it’s DECEMBER AGAAAIIIN! : )  :heart:

Even though things have become busier because of our website launch this December 21,

I’m really happy that all our visions and objectives are finally coming true!

Ever since I got chosen by NHK World to become Philippines’ “Kawaii” represent in April 2013, I felt that I had to share and help spread kawaii more in a very hands-on way here in the Philippines. I decided to go back here in Manila last August.. and now, I have two months left before I go back to finish my new set of duties in Japan (which is to create more ties in order to bring Japan’s kawaii-dom closer here in Philippines.. and maybe to SEA / South-east Asia as well, with Stella and influential kawaii people!)! I feel so lucky to have dedicated teammates who really go out of their way for this dream kawaii project despite all the hurdles and negativity from naysayers (sad case of crab mentality crap here in PH). The more they question / dare to spread rumors regarding the team or our passion-filled projects, the more we get pumped up to do more work! Seriously, I think I’ll cry when December 21 finally arrives! : )


A year ago, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life and work. All I knew was I’ve got to TRY everything out and see what would work the best (as suggested by my mentors). So I went out, met people.. and tried out different sorts of things.. and those were all kawaii-related gigs in Tokyo! Not all worked out so well even though I did my best… but I just realized that in every opportunity that I created for myself before (you don’t wait for those to come, you really create those.. hashtag learning haha), it led me another.. and to another, and to another.

Now that I have my plans solidified and laid out (all the way until 2015 guys, lol), I’m nervous yet excited to “execute” them all! Kawaii cafe in the Philippines, Dream Tweam in Tokyo Design Festa November 2014.. and possibly, a Kawaii Convention in Manila in 2015! How exciting will these be?? I don’t know yet HOW in the world I can do all of these but I’ll just do the best of my best. : )

So much work to do, no time to blog already.. ooops. ~guilty~  :blush:


Kawaii with Uniqlo & GU (ji~yu~)!

Anyway, that’s my work-related update for now. Let’s enjoy the photospam below already. So much text already, ughhhh : )))


Here’s a super throwback blog entry of our last day together for our Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo special.  :yay:


Uniqlo x kawaii fun with Lolita Marie & our favorite pink&blue-haired Eva!

We had a giveaway for Kawaii.i fans way way way back~! 😀

Riding the subway with the girls~!

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Last Random Hurrah for 2012 + Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku

HALUUUUUUU guyssss ;_; Did you miss me..? I hope you did because I also missed blogging + interacting with you guys :O :O  😥

Unfortunately, when I was in Manila.. it was very hard for me to update because of my internet connection (couldn’t handle my big images, haha) and I was having too much fun with my family and friends.. hehe. #guilty

I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to meet up with some people.. I think I met around 7-10 groups of friends / relatives in 3 weeks *_* And I got sick during my first days.. so it was really really crazy busy one for me! 🙂

It feels very refreshing to blog again after an impromptu holiday hiatus ^^v I think this way is better (than feeling pressured to blog durin vacation <– bloggers will understand this) because sometimes, we need to have a full taste of our lives without the internet. And boy, it sure was a delicious one for me! Just minus the last dramas of 2012, haha! 😛


As you guys probably know by now, I just turned 22 last January 3rd! :what:  When everyone was celebrating New Year, my real new year (haha) was actually days later , ahahaha:P

Thank you to my family, friends, readers for the best wishes for me during my special day. Even though it was quite a busy one, I had a great one because I got to spend it with my family. ^^ I shall report on that later… after I finish all the drafts I prepared during holidays #fail =))

Avalanche of delayed posts, スタト!! (start!!!)


Kawaii Nomnomnom + Meeting Random People

This day was probably the most random day in 2012.

A few days ago before my flight, my sis-in-law’s mother’s friends suddenly had a spontaneous vacation here in Japan. They are flight stewardesses so they get all the privileges of traveling (envy). :blank:  They were supposed to go to Bangkok for some shopping but they got bumped off and they needed to stay in Tokyo instead! :O It was so funny because my sis-in-law Claire wanted to celebrate her daughter’s 2 months and she wanted to prepare a big meal just for us (after our Costco) and little did we know we really had guests! Super random! :))

During their only whole day in Tokyo, we wanted to share the Japan shopping experience so we had a road trip all the way from Saitama to Tokyo.. for Harajuku. :”D


Brought some snacks for me during the ride~

Pocky matcha crush :O :O


Found this DIY your own Koara no Machi House in one of our stopovers. Haha so cute! ^^

Deco party!

My favorite corner in every kombini :))


Vocaloid cuteness x snack collabs


Kawaii jyanai?

Yummy yummy green tea soft cookies *_*

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