Milky Way Cafe Kawaii Date with Béné + Everyday Life

Hello everyone!

I was about to publish this blog entry yesterday night but I.. fell asleep. Haha!

Anyway, here are some photos from recent events / from last weekend!

Photo 7-11-16, 9 19 26 AM kawaii japan rainbowholic

Just received the bag of my dreams last week for an upcoming trip.

If you are curious about where I’m going to head to, you can watch my snaps (!

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 20

And no, I don’t like the baby blue color..

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 1

Before heading out, I always make sure I have my sunglasses and umbrella with me.

Photo 7-10-16, 5 11 15 PM kawaii japan rainbowholic

Cutest seasonal Milky packaging! OMG

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 2

Have you watched the recent mini room tour video I made? If you’re curious, here it is!

Photo diary version is here.



Of course, I didn’t dress up for nothing! :))

I headed to Ikebukuro to meet my new friend Bene from Fukuoka!

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 14

And we had our lunch here!

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#TokyoExtra Shibuya Episode + Sukajan Girl OOTD + Shibuya Photo Diary + Kawaii Photospam

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a quite loooooong blog entry so I hope you guys are ready, haha! Do not load the blog entry without wifi because it will drain your data / remaining gbs from your mobile plan. Half kidding! :))

To everyone who tuned in last Sunday / Monday morning for my second Tokyo Extra gig, thank you so much! ;_; Thank you for sacrificing quality sleep for me huhu. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! ;_;

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit

I was running out of おしゃれ clothes to wear (lolol girl problems) for the guesting so I thought.. maybe I should just dress up as a Sukajan girl.

Might as well do some subtle promotions for Japan Lover Me Store :))

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit3

I chose this oversized black x red cherry blossoms / sakura souvenir jacket.

Hyakka Ryoran Japanese Sharaku Ukiyoe Male Kabuki Theatre Actor Samurai Musha Warrior Katsushika Hokusai Print Wave Nami Cherry Blossons Sakura Eagle Hawk Sakura Sukajan Jacket Art

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit2

Thank you to my cousin Gilbert for taking these photos for me! 😉

Sukajan Jackets JLM STORE

Also uploaded a bunch of new selections! Give yourself a present this coming 2016! : )

Make sure to join our newsletter too for future sale information / discount codes!




Before I go and share about what happened behind-the-scenes, let me share some random kawaii photos I took!


Gudetama Wonder Collect Powder / Face Powder.. exists! *_*

Will be making this available at as everybody suggested for it! (Gudetama only) ^^

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Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale + Back in Japan!

Hello everyone!

I’m now back in Japan! YAAAAAY!

Before anything else, I would like to invite everyone (hello North / QC people of the Philippines) to our first ever #KawaiiPHStoreGarageSale. I will not be there but the entire KPH Store team will be present. I will be selling some of my pre-loved clothes from Japan too. Hope you will come and support~ <3

Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale

The Kawaii PH Headquarters will open its doors for the first time to the Kawaii PH Community for the Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale this month!

Like all garage sales, all items from Kawaii PH Store brands Mad Tee Party, Dolly Kaye, Whimsicute, andRainbowholic will be on a huge sale!!! (Plus, new items and garage-sale-exclusive items too!!)

In addition to that, we will be introducing the Kawaii PH Loot Book, a brand especially made for thrifty second hand treasures hand-picked from vintage clothing stores, and sometimes, the Kawaii PH Store team’s own closet. It aims to give a new home to all things vintage and fancy, used but beautiful, old but never forgotten. ✿

In addition to that, if you haven’t purchased a copy of the Kawaii PH Book yet, it will be discounted during the garage sale!

We will announce the date of the garage sale soon (hint: around the end of November), and the address of the Kawaii PH HQ (hint: Quezon City).


Bought this beautiful and very “Rainbowholic” planner from Paperstone Philippines. Can’t wait to use it!


Kaila’s airport #OOTD :))

This sweatshirt from my brother’s closet = a GEM!


I will miss this huge fluffball! I love you my baby Chocnut ~

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The Perfect Cloud Skirt for Rainbowholic + End of January

Good evening from Japan~

And long time no #OOTD post! *_* Wow, it’s been so longgg since I posted a fashion-related blog entry!

This is definitely something refreshing~ don’t you think? Hehe!


For today, I am going to review this handmade cloud skirt by a hardworking Etsy seller from Greece, Nimi!

Just want to include some extra info about the kawaii shop owner because I think that Nimi is adorable like her name, hehe!


From her “About Me” page ~

I am the girl who makes everything you see. The master and servant! I love colors and Japanese crazy street styles!!
I come from Athens , but since when I was very young, I always had an interest on other cultures too. I believe in positive energy, freedom, sincerity, dignity ,power of humour happy immaturity! Staying young in mind!
My beloved shop shouts for a colorful and dreamy side of life .
From a forest fairy…to a Harajuku girl, looking for girls with humour and imagination….
Is that you?


Thank you for choosing me Nimi! ^^


This was custom-made for my size and I was so SURPRISED when I got the mail a week later (or so) after I gave her my dimensions. And the package came in perfect condition, as you can see! ^^ I kept the stamps because I collect stamps from other countries, hehe ~

I told Nimi that at the moment, it is still winter-ish in Japan (but signs of Spring are showing, yay!) so my coordinate would be winter-style. But I guess my styling powers today opted for a Spring look!

I’m planing to wear this skirt again when I meet some friends this coming weekend! So excited, yay! <3


Sky on my skirt = perfection


Obviously, this is a work of love! I love the ribbon part at the back as well! : )

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