Going Blonde for a Week + Kaila’s Moody Kawaii Fashion + Kinokuniya’s Manga Corner

Prepare for another lengthy blog post! Here are some snippets of what happened a few days ago and today.

Wore something special because it was my sister-in-law’s mother birthday. Had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant! I love Chinese foooood!

This is actually the “girliest” outfit I’ve come up with : )) I think it’s also a bit of otona / adult-like with the mustard blazer and wedges.. felt like a different Kaila during this day. : ))

Just a simple look with the basic white platforms + DIY ripped galaxy jeans I did for a tutorial.

Green bow Tiara is also available on my shop~ <3



and then ….


I went blonde! : ))))

Here’s a crazy look I made with my favorite (BAPE? is this BAPE?) shorts from my brother’s closet + oversized neon shirt from Donki.


Here’s how my room looks right now (it’s “cleaner” in the photos) and my new favorite plushie, Usagi!!! I want a chibimoon as well huhuhuhu

I had my hair “double bleached”. The term itself sounds painful but because my hair is going to be bleached for the first time, I may not attain the real dream hair I want if it’s only bleached once. Huhuhuhuhu  :sigh:

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Fluffy Haired Rainbowholic + Icecream Shoes in Shibuya

Today, we went to Shibuya once again for a meeting. :yay:  I am really hopeful that all these great projects will come true! Only God knows how much I’ve been working so hard lately to achieve my dreams here in Japan. Though I probably come off as someone “who’s just lucky to be in Japan” to some people (who are new readers, blog lurkers, or just judgmental people hehehe.. etc.), truth is.. I’ve been through a lot even though I was a bit “pretty lucky”. During my stay here, I’ve sent countless impulsive emails to people I wanted to work or have experience with. Getting rejected or being snubbed away for a couple of times is actually good for the soul. Trying out many ventures and failing at some point do really make a person more humbled & motivated. Failure / rejection— It fuels anyone to work harder and aim to for self-improvement. This is why right now even though with all the opportunities given to me, I would rather be hopeful & in a “Gambarimasu” mode but not too expecting.  It saves the heart. 😛

Anyway, enough of the mush..

What I wore today: 

Paris Kid’s Star Crown + Momo Print top + DIY ripped jeans with silver amoeba clouds (lol)

..and my favorite icecream shoes  :heart:

Wanted to steal this pink bike in Shibuya! Sorry owner, I temporarily borrowed it for a photo. Haha!


While I was getting my photos taken by my brother / assistant / future “manager” : ))) ….

… and then …


…. a pretty girl with a pretty hair came up to me! OMG SOMEBODY RECOGNIZES ME @______@ in JAPAN!!!

My brother could not believe it haha! Her name is Kitty (if my ears didn’t fail me) so I called her neko-chan haha~

She was also at Harajuku Fashion Walk last weekend and I recognized her after. Gosh, I love her legs @__@ (the randomness of my comments)

After a quick chat, we separated ways and asked my brother to take some detailed shots of my coordinate. Hehehe~


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Extra Colorful For International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 @ Odaiba + A Pikachu Car??

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Rainbow Wings <3

I could be the graffiti! : ))

Messy cat nails inspired by neon jelly iPhone cases I discovered in La Foret, Harajuku


The Search For Robot Fishes We Didn’t Find

Today, we went to Tokyo Big Sight for the International Tokyo Toy Show! We actually got the information about this ongoing fair while we were watching TV days ago. The program featured the coolest robots I’ve ever known, robot fishes! It was quite late when we arrived there so we couldn’t find the robot fishes! ;__;

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the toy fair even though it was more for children + wannabe children (like us! haha)  :blush3:

While waiting for our train ride, I had some ichigo milk <3

The weather was a bit gloomy in Tokyo.. aww >_>

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Totoro Girl Kaila + Pink Suitcase x Rainbowholic Giveaway!

A not-so-rainbowholic coordinate for today! Super cute Totoro Girl Kaila-inspired Mall Girl by PSC TRINKETS~! Remember this?

For some reason, whenever Totoro is with me.. I feel like I need to tone down the colors. Haha!

My favorite caramel platforms from Spinns Harajuku! It matches with my hair color very well!  :heart:

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