Traveling Around The World with Pikachu at Tobu World Square, Nikko


 Good morning everyone! Pikachu says hello! <3

For today’s post, I’m going to share photos from my birthday trip with my family last January 3 in Nikko.

Before I start traveling around the world, here are some adorable photos of my niece, Chisa! Hehehe ~





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Kyoto Summer 2014 Photo Stroll Part 2

Konbanwa from Manila~  :happy:

Here is the part two of my Kyoto Summer photo stroll! Yayayay!  🙂

Someday, I will experience “living in Kyoto”.

For some reason, I can see myself settling down there… TT_TT

The people, the culture, the modern x traditional setting.. what is not to love about Kyoto? <3

I don’t know why.. but I’ve never fallen in love with a place this way. @_@

Maybe “Rainbowholic Cafe” should be opened there instead..? Hehe, hopeful dreaming~

Summer in Kyoto

I won’t type captions for this blog entry and I’ll just let the photos do the explaining.

Hope that through my photos and perspective.. you would also feel that you’re traveling with me. <3






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The Dream Kawaii Convention Unfolding Before Me (Part 2)

Good afternoon from Manila~!

Finally, here’s the long overdue blog entry of Kawaii in Manila 2. *confetti*


I chose “The Dream Kawaii Convention Unfolding Before Me” as a title because everything that I envisioned how KIM2 would turn out… it turned out 300% greater!

Until now, I can still remember how everyone was having a great time together while sharing our fondness over the kawaii culture! 🙂

If you are looking for the first part of my KIM2 experience, click here~



Super talented Rian Gonzales WOWED everyone during her live painting!



Thank you le brother for taking kawaii snaps for me! <3 Hello kawaii girls!


Whimsicute will be exclusively sold at Kawaii.PH/STORE! YAYYY!

IMG_0495_cb IMG_0494_cb

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☆ Fun Anvaya Getaway with Friends ☆

A few weeks ago, my close friends from college and I decided to have an out-of-town trip! <3

We planned this even when I was still in Japan.. so everyone was really looking forward for this rare opportunity to bond together!

(Can’t believe we’re all working our asses off now hahaha)




It was two days of ultimate bonding with Charie, Gracie and Pat! ;_; I really missed them! Can’t believe it has been .. 2 years?! since we all graduated ;_;

The pool *_*

If you’re too lazy to scroll down, just watch the video I made haha 😀

A weekend just for relaxation & catching up =  :heart:

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