Last of 2014 & Start of 2015

Hello everyone! Konnichiwa ~ 

For today’s post, it’s going to be another overdue post, haha! Don’t worry, this one will be filled with photos~

I’m so surprised that my bandwidth / 4G-hungry posts are usually the highly requested here on the blog. :O As always, I really appreciate everyone’s patience just to get the whole post to load, haha!

Ohhh.. also~ I’m currently planning something for Rainbowholic (as a blog and a brand at the same time), and I’ll be posting a survey here one of these days. Yoroshiku ne! : )


So let’s start! 😀

Last December 31, I spent the last day of my 2014 with a good friend (hi Justin) and his family!

It felt like a déjà vu because it was almost.. 2 years (?) ago when I also met them for the first time here in Tokyo.

*time flies wow*


We agreed to meet up at 9 in the morning. Or was it 10? I forgot haha!

I had extra time so I went around Harajuku to take some photos for updates ~

IMG_4632_cb IMG_4505_cb

Couldn’t take a nice OOTD photo so mirror selfie. Haha!

IMG_4532_cb IMG_4628_cb

First time to use my favorite Samantha Thavasa red bag present I got from my brother!


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Fujiya Cafe in Shibuya + Nakano Visit + Sakura Chocolate from Starbucks Japan?!

Hello! Good Morning from Japan! おはよう!<3

Before anything else… I would like to invite everyone to join our..

We have prepared exciting and fun prizes for Kawaii Girls (around the world!)  :heart:

So far, we’ve garnered 15,400+ entries already?! It sure is big! Hehe~  :yay:

Reuniting with Peko @ Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya

As many of you probably know.. I’m addicted to Japanese strawberry shortcakes. I could even eat a whole cake.. :))

Since my brother / the boss is out for a meeting, I asked my sis-in-law and cousin to go with me to Shibuya.

Because I missed Shibuya and I was craving for Fujiya cakes!


I’ve also written a mini review of this place before.. when I was around 13-14 yrs. old, HAHAHAHA kidding.




AHHHH Peko-chan, you’re so cute!!

Kawaii, kawaii Pekoooちゃん!

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First Week in Japan + Kawaii, Peko, Pocky, Rilakkuma! + Cutest Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform “LucyPop”

Finally got the time to upload these photos~! It’s been two (or more??) weeks since I’ve returned to Japan.. and a LOT has happened already.  :what:

Energy, come to meeee..  :blank:

Arrived at Narita at almost 12PM? Tokyo had a snowstorm days before and many tourists got stranded in the airport.  :blank:

My brother and his family came to pick me up and my cousin (who will be working with us now!) <3


We weren’t able to get home straight and had a mini roadtrip instead…

Reuniting with my sis-in-law Claire and Chisa!

Of course, I missed POCKY the most!! Haha!

The King of All POCKY :O

Why coffee in Japan is so much cooler. Advertising, you are doing it right. Haha!


Had yummy sushi~

Japanese fashion magazines for inspiration <3

I was so surprised to see Peko x Hello Kitty collab!! AND GIANT RAINBOW POCKY!!

Another version from the first one I saw before..

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An Afternoon in Ginza + Apple Store + World’s Largest UNIQLO store

Yesterday, my brother + his wife and I went to Ginza to get our Macbooks checked! Unfortunately, my brother’s Macbook Air’s keyboard started working funny when I went back to Philippines weeks ago (main reason why I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to). We were scared because it was rarely used (only for presentations) + it was bought around November last year.. good thing my brother bought Apple Care for the warranty.

My 2 yr. old Macbook Pro’s sd slot stopped working months and months ago (such a hassle for someone who always takes photos like me) so we also had it checked up. ;_; We’d have to pay 30,000 yen if we want to get it repaired but that’s too much for me so I’ll just buy an external card reader.. which probably costs 28,000 JPY less! That’s more practical, right?  :333:

Since we were in the area as well, we toured for a bit. Ever since I came back, my brother and I have been so busy with work / upcoming projects so it was a refreshing day for us just to chill around a bit.

Enjoy the photos  :star:

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