Life Lately & Thoughts + Revamped Rainbowholic Homepage ?

Hi all!

Been feeling a little more productive than usual. I don’t know what’s with me these days but I’m in a super ~content creation~ mode, lolol.

Before that and before I write down some current random thoughts.. let me just share some photos! :”) It ain’t a rainbowholic blog entry without a photospam first, haha ~

Got to design my wall filled with pretty sakura things!

A favorite corner in my room.

Washi tapes I’ve been using these days ~

My favorite washi covered spread from my ABC Daily Journal

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Sakura-themed Goods & Food in Japan + Kawaii Market 2016!

Hi all!

Before I share all the cherry blossom goodness, let me just plug this big event by Kawaii Philippines this month!

Kawaii Market 2016 official poster-vertical

See you this April at the cutest arts and crafts mini-bazaar in the country this year: Kawaii Market 2016!

Come and show your support to local kawaii artists and crafters~! Entrance is only 50 php!!! ✨

? Kawaii Philippines’ KAWAII MARKET 2016 is an arts and crafts bazaar that aims to highlight the creativity and craftsmanship of Filipino artists and crafters who are also enthusiasts of the kawaii culture. ?

A percentage of the total proceeds will be donated to a chosen foundation. ?

RSVP hereEvent website

Art by Little Miss Paintbrush

Sakura, sakura, sakura!

Here’s a collection of some sakura-themed merch / noms I’ve spotted during the season! If you’re in Japan / Tokyo right now, hope that you find this useful!

I’ve also included some photos of me and my friends during our mini trips outside Saitama.


Sakura icecream from Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum!


Scene at Koganei Park!


Sakura selfie with Reese, Abbey, Gil and Justin!


Thanks Abbey for capturing this!




Visited Yoyogi Park with Abbey and wore my Sakura nike!


So pretty up close!

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Giant Cheer Bear + My Pink Aegis Gundam

Just a random blog entry of Kaila photos + my love for smiling characters.

I am turning 23 in a few weeks and I still have loads of plushies on my bed… #sorrynotsorry :))

NO JUDGING, please!! Thank you, hahaha!


*jumps into the pool of smiles*


Scored this huge Cheer Bear from our ToyCon event a week ago!! IMPULSE BUY OF THE MONTH TT_TT


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Sassy, Crazy & Silly Me

Hello, hello!

Just wanna share this funny set of photos we took in a super oshare (fashionable) studio where I accomplished my mission for the Kawaii International episode last weekend! I’m still preparing the special blog entry series of the Kawaii Tour with Stella, Mio, Eva & Marie that happened in April.  :yay:

For the meantime, enjoy these wacky photos first.. haha!!

It was break time so my brother and I figured we should mess around… haha~  :tss:

Wearing this rei plugsuit dress from JSG x Eva Store collection!


I love incorporating random / favorite characters to my fashion style which I call “ota-cute” fashion.

Otaku + kawaii = <3


I just goofed around and did funny poses :))



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