Little Miss Paintbrush’s Mad Skills + Dreaming Big For Kawaii Philippines + Help Rebuild UP Diliman’s Japanese Room

Hello, everybody!

Here’s a kawaii dump featuring ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush’s artworks and a couple of event announcements!

(As you can tell, I’m a really proud friend of hers, heehee! ^^)

SOUVENIR JACKET Japan Lover Me Store Fuji Q Sukajan Kaila Reese Square 1600px

Reeseypeasey & Rainbowholic for Japan Lover Me Store, as drawn by LMP.

These are our best-selling jackets featuring the hokusai wave.

SOUVENIR JACKET Japan Lover Me Store Fuji Q Sukajan Gilbert Square JLM 1600px

My cousin Gil has been slaying it for weeks! Wish I could model so naturally, haha!

Gilbert Gabriel Cherry blossoms sukajan souvenir Jacket

Photographed by my brother during the sakura peak in one of our favorite places in Saitama.


Justin featured the sukajan / souvenir jackets on his blog together with a photo essay about Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum (thanks Reesey for dragging us with you~!). You should read his write-up here!

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Sukajan Shinjuku Shoot Teaser + Super Cute Kawaii Awards + Etc.


For today, I’ll just share some teaser photos and snippets from my daily life. Hope you’re not tired of Sukajan work-related updates yet, haha!

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 2

Justin sent me the first part of our Sukajan shoot more than a week ago. Here’s one of my favorite shots by him! 🙂

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 3

Can’t wait to reveal everything!! <3

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 1

This is actually what I look when I’m mad :)) Just kidding. I probably look more fierce than this, haha!

Super Cute Kawaii Awards 2015 + Etc.

Yesterday morning as I was checking my instagram, I was notified that I came second place in the “Most Kawaii Person of 2015” category at SCK Awards! Omg, wow! WOW! (and also.. WHAT??)

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Satchiko in Kawagoe x JapanLover.Me Store

Hello, hello!

Just sharing this photoset featuring Satchiko modeling our favorite vintage Skajan jackets from Japan Lover Me Store. This set was photographed by my brother Eric, and assisted by yours truly. My cousin Gil also makes an appearance in this special photo series. The location was in Kawagoe, Saitama (known as Little Edo in our area).

Satchiko told me that it’s one of her dreams to become a model. I actually photographed her for Mimi Claire Sweets (she modeled the kawaii decoden cases Claire nee-chan designed) but we didn’t really publish it because we didn’t notice that there were a lot of wrinkles on the costume she wore (kawaii pastel schoolgirl was our peg haha). I knew that it wouldn’t be our last time to work together, so I told my brother Eric to ask Satchiko if she could model our newly released Skajan jackets (we have 50+ waiting to be uploaded, by the way~).

This girl’s energy is so infectious (in a good way, of course) and I love how she sees things in such a bright perspective. Knowing that “modeling” is one of her dreams and seeing her enjoying and being confident in her own skin during the shoot.. I just couldn’t be any prouder (*older sis vibes lolol*). This won’t be our last, and I am very much looking forward to more fun play x work JLM Store shoots with this optimistic gal. 🙂

And without further ado, I would like to present you Satchiko x JLM Store! Enjoy the photos, everybody! ^_^


Japan Lover Me Store (website | facebook | instagram)




DSC_6708_rainbowholic DSC_6741_rainbowholic


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Oiran Style Photoshoot by Studio Kokoro (Arashiyama, Kyoto)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mika Ninagawa‘s colorful photography (ever since Helter Skelter movie!)..

.. and experiencing this Sakuran / Oiran-style random photoshoot session (thanks to Studio Kokoro) when I was in Kyoto..

… I was just so HAPPY!

It was so fun & exciting!  A totally new experience!

My photos have always been cutesy style so this mature look…. isn’t it just so refreshing?? Haha!  :yay:


Apparently, Kaila has a sexy side, hahaha~


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