Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Arrival & The Colorful Chinatown

Hello, hello friends~!  :heart:

I just got back from a short family trip in Baguio this weekend. :yay:

Tomorrow, I will be moving out from my current place here in Manila.  😥 So many things to do… huhu. *breathes*

Energy, I neeeeed you so much right now .. TT_TT


I can’t type long captions for this photospam blog entry but I hope the photos below will do the explaining / narrating of my first hours in Singapura~


Morning flight means I neeeeed coffee 😀

Nice little book~

Here we go!

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Singapore Kawaii Adventure Preview

Part of my new year’s resolutions this year is to explore more places.  :pink:

..and I just came back from a very eventful (and somewhat life-changing) 3-day trip from Singapore.

I had no fixed itinerary. I just had a train map and few places in mind to go visit.

And it was amazing!

For the past few days and weeks.. honestly, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all the new set of responsibilities I have in store for 2014.

Taking a trip somewhere else was probably one of my best decisions so far. I came back feeling so fresh and fully charged.

I discovered many places, taught myself to navigate without panicking,  exchanged smiles with strangers (hopefully not in a weird way haha)..

I simply had a wonderful time. : )

I highly recommend that one should try traveling solo.

Or if you can’t, just enjoy your solitude when you go out.

It’s great to have family & friends and to have many laughs together..

… but it’s equally great to spend some alone & honest time with yourself as well.


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Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) Museum with EmiKaila (Super Delayed Blog Entry)

It’s 2:00 in the morning now and I’m still up :O I think I’ve gone nocturnal & a little bit of workaholic again huhuhu. Hopefully health won’t get affected >_<

(lol guys fail I fell asleep and I’m typing this again 2 days after hahahaha)

Ever since I got back here in Japan, I’ve been x10000 busy than the usual ~busy mode~. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being productive especially when I do stuff that are meaningful (not just about the money, but for the sake of enjoying life as well… lol deep). Sometimes it just gets too crazy to juggle company work / / Kawaii in Manila prep & Rainbowholic all at the same time. Then add the countless of emails I have to promptly (huhu) respond everyday.. How I wish I had more hands to type all my thoughts & replies + to actualize more things ;___;  😥 I have 20+ giveaway packs to ship out in 2 weeks because I will be going back to Philippines for a longer time to organize events (and fix my driving stuff again). So many checklists to accomplish aaaaah :O BUSY BUSY HAPPY HAPPY   :what:


Yesterday, I spent a whole day forgetting all of these overflowing tasks and worries in Tokyo Disneyland with Emikaちゃん.  :yay: I really needed that day, it’s been a long time since -I took a breath-. Phewwwwwww~ Hopefully that Disneyland blog entry won’t get delayed such as this! Haha!  :nod:

Doraemon Fun with Emika-chan~

Also uploaded the Fuko F. Fujio Museum Kawaii Travel Guide @ Japan Lover Me! <3



The special bus at Kawasaki station ~ EXCITESSSSS

I look so cold  in this photo haha

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