24 Hours in Hakata, Fukuoka Photo Diary 🌸

Hi everybody!

Here’s another blog entry from the #9DaysJapanBackpacking series!

On the 3rd day of our trip, we went to Fukuoka by riding a bus from Nagasaki.

It was so cold and rainy that day.

Kombini food kept us alive for the days, haha

I like my breakfast simple and cheap!

Here’s a mini tour of our airbnb room!

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Plum Blossoms x Souvenir Jackets + Arigato Japan’s Sushi Roll Class

Hi all! Good morning from Japan! 🙂

It’s currently 8AM here & I’ll just post a quick blog update. Sooo many things happened in a span of a week! *_*


Last Friday, we had a shoot at Omiya Park to feature the beautiful plum blossoms as well. It was so much fun!

sukajan embroidery souvenir jacket

Me & my cousin (who is almost like a real brother) Gilbert ~

Photos by Justin as always. More photos soon! 😉


Last Saturday, we joined a class by Arigato Japan and we made this kawaii flower sushi roll! I’ll blog more about my experience later. ^^

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Plum Blossom Viewing at Hanegi Park, Tokyo + A Surprise Birthday Gift From Asmitha

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, Laura and I went to Hanegi Park in Shimokitazawa to see the plum blossoms!

The pretty plums aren’t in full bloom yet so if you are in Tokyo this week, better grab this opportunity! I recommend this to be added to your itinerary! 🙂

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 20

Plum blossoms are as beautiful as cherry blossoms! <3

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 6

More photos later when you scroll down below! 🙂



But before that, let me just share this very sweet / thoughtful gesture by Asmitha-chan (a little sister / 妹ちゃん reader of mine).

I seriously did not expect a “birthday package” again this 2016!

asmitha rainbowholic gift8

I super appreciate this! Handmade gifts are really the most touching!

(BTW, here’s what Asmitha-chan sent to me last year!)

asmitha rainbowholic gift1

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Postcards from ABC (#lettersfromABC) + Valentine’s Pocky Boxes


Yesterday night, I received a very special package from my dear friend, Abbey!



Just recently, her very own collection of postcards (“Letters from ABC”) was produced / published by Summit Media (the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines). Super proud friend right here!

It’s so hard to send these postcards to friends because you want to just keep everything (even if each postcard has 2 copies), haha ~


Along with my postcard box, I also received a pair of ABC x #HavaianasFilipinas2015 (can’t wait for the beach this year, haha!!), a postcard from Taiwan, stickers, and handwritten notes from the amazing girl.

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