Snippets of My Daily Life in Saitama + Matcha Love + Kawaii Market 2016!

Hi everyone!

Just finished today’s work so here I am, blogging again! Hehe! 🙂

Hope you don’t mind me sharing lots of photos from my daily life. I’ve been feeling like everything’s become a routine lately so I try to document the unique moments of my days instead.

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Fact: I usually just buy hot green tea drinks (for lunch) & I try to shy away from flavored ones .. but this one caught my eye.

I love this hot lemonade from Family Mart!


Plum blossoms are starting to bloom here in Saitama. Will be meeting up with a friend this Saturday for some ume / plum blossom viewing! I can’t wait!

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My go-to snack when I’m super hungry at work: Fami Chiki!

Whenever I’m in saving up mode, I just buy a 100+ yen famichiki & plain rice from the kombini. And that would be my breakfast / lunch! 🙂


Had some free time yesterday after finishing my expected work. Here’s my mobile creative station! ^^


Passed by my favorite store within our area.. Okashi Machioka! They’re currently selling these matcha snacks / sweets / chocolates!


Pocky Matcha, Chocopie Matcha.. and Meiji Almonds Matcha. These are my 5-star recommendations if you are a Matcha lover like me!

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Lovely mini plates I’ve spotted while window-shopping in a nearby mall.


Craving for takoyaki? Try Gindaco / Gindako’s! They have the BEST TAKOYAKI ever.

And look, their green tea drink packaging is also cute. Omg Japan why

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Postcards from ABC (#lettersfromABC) + Valentine’s Pocky Boxes


Yesterday night, I received a very special package from my dear friend, Abbey!



Just recently, her very own collection of postcards (“Letters from ABC”) was produced / published by Summit Media (the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines). Super proud friend right here!

It’s so hard to send these postcards to friends because you want to just keep everything (even if each postcard has 2 copies), haha ~


Along with my postcard box, I also received a pair of ABC x #HavaianasFilipinas2015 (can’t wait for the beach this year, haha!!), a postcard from Taiwan, stickers, and handwritten notes from the amazing girl.

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Gudetama Snacks + Life Recently + Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale in Manila

Hello everybody!

Just sharing these photos I’ve taken from last week. I reaaaally want to blog as frequent as before but because of my workload + Nihongo benkyou.. it’s 無料だ (impossibru) huhu.


Gudetama snack loot from 7-eleven Japan. Thinking of making a Gutema snack loot product @ Rainbowholic Shop haha


Kawaii Blippo Shop sent me a super cute package last week. Can’t wait to review everything!

Also, there will be another Kawaii Giveaway! Please stay tuned! ^_^


Cute reindeer donut from Krispy Kreme Japan. Had this while waiting for my friends in Shinjuku.


Bye Rilakkuma… I’m now a 100% Gudetama fan convert! :)))

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Kaila in Hokkaido Day 3: Shiroi Koibito Park / Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Hello everyone!

I’m going to have a big announcement tomorrow but before that, here’s the promised Hokkaido Day 3 Part 1!

Please do enjoy the photospam I have prepared! : )

Rainbowholic Travels to Hokkaido

Green Totoro and my giant Yubari melon Pocky say good morning!

Rainbowholic Travels To Hokkaido

Morning stroll

Rainbowholic Travels To Hokkaido

Why I love Japanese summer: hydrangeas.

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