Kawaii Stationery + Hobonichi + Samantha Thavasa’s Bon Bon Voyage

Hi everybody!

Here’s another kawaii spam of random happenings & discoveries! Enjoy the blog post! 😉


While strolling around Omotesando last Sunday, I saw this very, very cute van!


Rainbow kakigori & yummy icecream for hot summer days ~


Coming soon on my youtube channel: Kaila-fied instax films!


What I enjoy the most ~


Read my victories of the day, lol


2017 Hobonichi Lineup Preview Blog Entry + #Hobonichi With Me video

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Pokemon Attack + Hobonichi Diary Updates

Hi all!
Good morning from Japan~!

The weather has been quite moody these days. Yesterday, it was sunny and today.. it’s raining quite heavily again. This weather just really makes me want to stay in bed and never leave it again, huhu.

Anyway, I’m starting the week with positivity and I hope I’ll be able to finish all tasks on time.


Still addicted to Pokemon Go, as you can tell haha.


A few days ago, I finally released these Pokemon washi tapes! You can buy one from Rainbowholic Shop.

It’s slowly turning into a big online stationery store of Made in Japan goods, haha.


Spicy chicken from Family Mart is really just the best!

kawaii x sukajan

Uploaded a new #Hobonichi With Me video! I combined two entries into one video ~

✏️ #Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) – Kawaii Stickers + Japanese Souvenir Jacket Shoot 


Merchandise of Pikachu in Sepia mode, lol. #OnlyInJapan

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Pokémon GO in Japan ? + Daily Cuteness ❤️

Hi everybody!

If you’ve been following me through my social media accounts, you would know what Pokemon GO has done to me so far… (hi, eyebags and sore feet). I went home yesterday night (or this morning ?? lol) with my cousin at 12:30 AM after spending 2 hours walking around the neighborhood to catch some pokemon haha. OMG ;_; These are really one of those things that make me want to persevere in life hahaha


My new inspiration to wake up extra early everyday: Pokemon Go Playtime :))

charmander-pokemon-go.jpg saitama-pokestop-pokemon-go.png

I remember the first time when I first opened the app! Best feeling in the world haha


Watch ✏️ #Hobonichi With Me x  Pokémon GO (ポケモンGO) ? video ~


I almost spent half of my Saturday just around our area. I didn’t want to spend nor go out of Saitama (been saving money) ~ so I would say that Pokemon GO is really perfect for grandma millenials like me :))

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Kawaii Japan Packaging + Starbucks Japan Sakura Special + Mini Ouji Adventure + Kiddyland Harajuku Cuteness

Hello everyone!

Here’s another super kawaii spam that I want to share ~

Yesterday night after work, my cousin Gil, Justin, and I went to a nearby Starbucks to try their famous seasonal Sakura drinks!


Sakura Blossom Frappe + Latte & Sakura Chiffon Cake = Simply HEAVEN!


Went to a local grocery yesterday too and spotted this Sakura-flavored Jumbo Mushi Cake!


Asahi and Suntory’s special Sakura packaging design = for keeps!

DSCF6793 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Here are some chocolate freebies for our Japan Lover Me Store customers / clients! I really love this “fashionable” collaboration among DARS & Japanese fashion brands!

DSCF6794 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

DSCF6059 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle! Just a preview of many photos of my Kiddyland Harajuku visit with Kiko, Crissey and Crissey’s friends! 😀

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