Postcards from ABC (#lettersfromABC) + Valentine’s Pocky Boxes


Yesterday night, I received a very special package from my dear friend, Abbey!



Just recently, her very own collection of postcards (“Letters from ABC”) was produced / published by Summit Media (the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines). Super proud friend right here!

It’s so hard to send these postcards to friends because you want to just keep everything (even if each postcard has 2 copies), haha ~


Along with my postcard box, I also received a pair of ABC x #HavaianasFilipinas2015 (can’t wait for the beach this year, haha!!), a postcard from Taiwan, stickers, and handwritten notes from the amazing girl.

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Japanese Play Center Tour + Receiving Love Around The World

Two days ago, I went for a Twinkle work at a Japanese play center for children! I’m always a kid at heart so when I saw the huge play area with the most amazing stuff ever (that I had not encountered when I was a kid), you could not imagine how happy I was! Work and play in one session, why not? *tears of joy*


Abused my favorite watermelon skirt for the 3rd time. I love how black shirts & an eye-catching skirt make a good CODE (coordinate).

Had some watermelon popsies as well. Was having my photo taken with the suika popsicle but the sun melted my poise and everything… : )))

Comfortable platform sneaks from Shibuya 109 + Rainbowholic’s camera  :heart:

I remember forcing my parents to drop me off at play centers when I was a kid. There was a famous play center in the Philippines & it was called “Kids at Work”.

I had the best time of my life there. : )) I had a very active childhood, if you guys weren’t aware of. I would make friends with everyone, regardless their status in life (but.. no “brats” allowed, lol).

Just as long you’re a good and sporty playmate, I would be more than willing to get sunburns with you! Hahaha! I was so active that I wasn’t afraid of falling from the bike and getting bruises every week or so. I even had my own first aid kit & I would pretend as a nurse and patient at the same time. Goodness, Kaila : )))

Anyway, this play center at Aeon (Saitama area) was soooo full of cute stuff to do!  You can do play-pretend and everything here!!

I remember having our garden’s / random neighbor’s garden leaves & flowers as my ingredients for the imaginary kitchen I had before.

I would use soil and water and pretend those were MILO drinks! : ))) Of course, I didn’t drink nor eat those. Just having fun & unleashing creativity with my neighbors.

Icecream parlor, Burger place, Post office…

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Postcard Exchange with Rainbowholic!

EDIT: Postcard Exchange is CLOSED for now. A big thanks to the 40+ people who mailed me!

Featuring the Hagaki (Postcard) Collection by Rainbowholic x Little Miss Paintbrush!

I usually give these out for free for Rainbowholic shop orders but I just realized it’s about time for these postcards to be sent to more .. distant places : )

First twenty will only be accommodated  :happy:

All photos were taken by me, during my first months here in Japan! Lovely character doodles by my twinnie from another family, ChiChi!


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