Meeting Hanazuki’s Half + Pocky-legged Kaila + Rekindled Graphic Design Dream

Hello everyone~!  :heart:

I think I have been neglecting Rainbowholic blog for sometime and honestly, I really miss blogging every 3-4 days but I have to sacrifice and devote my time first to other secret stuff I have been working on.

I have been working on it for months but I got stuck because of a technical glitch but hopefully, it will be launched soon! And of course, it’s going to be all about KAWAII ^^v

 I’m actually scared if it’s going to be successful or not, but I’m gonna give it a try. There were days I wanted to give up this project but whenever I remember my mentors / friends’ words that “It’s WAY BETTER to try out many things rather than doing nothing“.. I get energized!

Wish me luck, please~  :blush:





When you have a whole day at home and you’re bored + moody because of PMS…


DRESS UP, practice makeup, feel pretty, take photos.. and SMILE! :))

(legit suggestions from a regular pms-ing girl :)) )

While you’re at it, grab a jar and get those origami sheets you’ve been neglecting for so long in your drawer and write happy things and make it as a year-long project! 😀


(p.s. original idea from a random tumblr note)


Daily Life Randomness

Yummy Kimchi soup meal from Matsuya  :tongue:

Bought myself these cherry blossom-scented room fragrance :yay:

(the rest are for toilets)


New Rilakkuma iPhone 5 phonecase for Rilakkumaholic me, haha~

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My Purple-haired Brother + Purikura Time!

A week or so ago, we had a fun and spontaneous shoot at our place.  :cheer:



This is my purple-haired brother Francis. We experimented with his hair and we were expecting it to turn silver / gray (like T.O.P.’s) but..

.. it turned lilac / purple! : )))




Didn’t go anywhere since we were lazy and we just wanted to have a casual shoot.

Thank you neighborhood for the accessible photoshoot-able places, haha.

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The Last of the Tokyo Adventure + Yummy Kawaii Photospam .. and MORE!

YOSH! やった! I did it! I was able to squeeze in editing photos + our funny adventure video during work!!  This entry is week-long overdue already..  :ohnoes:

In case you are lost, kindly read (more like “view” haha) the entries below:

First  :heart: Second

Sorry for eating up your internet connection *_* I just love sharing tons of photos in one entry. If it’s photospam, it’s definitely Rainbowholic blogging style hahaha.


These were my two adventure buddies for the Tokyo trip!

If you have time to spare, please do watch the video I made below.  :pink:

Sorry if my craziness  kind of shocked you.. that’s me being real. :))

My brother and I used to fight a lot when were kids. I guess it’s because of our being the “youngest” nature.. even though we are 6 years apart. *_*

Thank you mommy for the baby-face genes. Haha! My brother looks as if he’s of the same age with me. Or younger? : ))


Worth Sharing

Here are some random stuff that I received / bought / saw this week. Couldn’t think of a proper heading title to categorize this part :O


A few weeks ago, Anggyさん, the creator of Enji, sent me some items. I shared a photo on facebook featuring one of the earrings and people loved it!  :yay:

I finally got the photos from my disposable film camera from Tokyo Disneyland developed! Some came out pretty nice!


With Leen and Duffy!


Left: my super cute / getting-heavier-by-the-day niece Chisa! LOOK AT THE CHEEKS OH MY GOLLY

Right: Leftover Rilakkuma カステラ from my date with Lele ^^v

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Kyary’s Purikura Machine + POP N CUTE with Tokyo Fashion and Harajuku Kids

Two days ago, I went to Shibuya for the POP N CUTE party!   :yay:  I really love going to parties / events like this because I can have a valid excuse to just meet up with my TokyoFashion & HFW friends! I don’t feel like working at all whenever I document videos! @_@

Also…. got to try out the new purikura machine by Kyary~ So cute!!! And wow, my eyes’ outcome looked great! Usually my eyes transform into anime eyes at default @_@ Purikura machines are eye-magnifiers!  😎

I am not embarrassed when I take my solo purikuras. : )))

Anyway, I have started video blogging again since we recently bought a new and more convenient video cam (the investments we make for Rainbowholic, haha) ~

You may find the music too loud (I apologize for that, shoud’ve used my earphones when editing!) but some parts were really meant to have no voiceover by me or something. Hehe~

You can treat this as my “behind-the-scenes” video whenever I work for TokyoFashion.. : ))

Such a memorable day this was! I got to meet new people from the same industry & had a delightful after-party with them. We ate somewhere nice.. and finished all the chicken wings. AHHHHH~ me and my love for food ;__; I can be fooled with food as a bait, hahaha. Kidding ^^

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