Witnessing A Full Rainbow + Totoro Soap from Twootie + Japan Candy Box Preview!

Hello folks!

Here’s just a super quick update about my life recently. SO much craziness!

It’s been quite a roller coaster, and I’m just pushing myself to look at the brighter things.

Will share after I resolve these peacefully on my own. For now, yay photos and mini plug + updates! : )


I have never witnessed a “full” rainbow in my life so imagine my SHOCK when I came home and saw this. Look, it even seems like a double rainbow in the photo! *_*

Very thankful for this day because I was able to bond with our intern / little sis Sig at JapanLover.me in Daikanyama. 🙂


Kawaii blythe dolls from the display at Junie Moon, Daikanyama. : )


Came home and received a package from Twootie (thanks Carly for referring me? Haha!) ~

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The Last of the Tokyo Adventure + Yummy Kawaii Photospam .. and MORE!

YOSH! やった! I did it! I was able to squeeze in editing photos + our funny adventure video during work!!  This entry is week-long overdue already..  :ohnoes:

In case you are lost, kindly read (more like “view” haha) the entries below:

First  :heart: Second

Sorry for eating up your internet connection *_* I just love sharing tons of photos in one entry. If it’s photospam, it’s definitely Rainbowholic blogging style hahaha.


These were my two adventure buddies for the Tokyo trip!

If you have time to spare, please do watch the video I made below.  :pink:

Sorry if my craziness  kind of shocked you.. that’s me being real. :))

My brother and I used to fight a lot when were kids. I guess it’s because of our being the “youngest” nature.. even though we are 6 years apart. *_*

Thank you mommy for the baby-face genes. Haha! My brother looks as if he’s of the same age with me. Or younger? : ))


Worth Sharing

Here are some random stuff that I received / bought / saw this week. Couldn’t think of a proper heading title to categorize this part :O


A few weeks ago, Anggyさん, the creator of Enji, sent me some items. I shared a photo on facebook featuring one of the earrings and people loved it!  :yay:

I finally got the photos from my disposable film camera from Tokyo Disneyland developed! Some came out pretty nice!


With Leen and Duffy!


Left: my super cute / getting-heavier-by-the-day niece Chisa! LOOK AT THE CHEEKS OH MY GOLLY

Right: Leftover Rilakkuma カステラ from my date with Lele ^^v

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ALL-OUT for Rainbowholic! (First Step: Rainbow New Beetle Car??)

A couple of months ago, my brother and his friends had seen GREAT potential in Rainbowholic here in Japan (or probably a world domination in a few years, haha kidding). When I was just speaking out loud of my Harajuku-related dreams which involve Rainbowholic shop and cafe (plus other crazy dreams of a non-Japanese girl), my brother / they told me it’s crazy but it’s definitely possible!

Also, I have received such great reviews / feedback about my blog on how it serves as a Japan portal of everything kawaii-related.. :blush3:  My boss(es) from TokyoFashion.com even told me that I have “different eyes” when I see something kawaii (evident in my videos, perhaps?). At first, I didn’t realize that my blog would have such impact on people or my unique perspective of Japan’s kawaii culture would be praise-worthy! I also had a double-take (or make that triple) whether I was hearing it right from the Japanese themselves. @_@  :what: *insert random “it’s not good enough” thoughts here*

And because of that, we decided to give 100000% of our efforts to make Rainbowholic recognized.

To start with all the full-blast Rainbowholic promotion here in Tokyo and via facebook/or the www itself, my brother decided to sacrifice his pearly white New Beetle. His first car in Japan!   :blank:

He and his wife even went to the Philippines just to purchase all the materials! I went @_____@ when my brother told me about it a few weeks ago. My brother is a great businessman which also means.. he wouldn’t invest or devote time in something (in this case, in Rainbowholic) that would be pointless / nonsense. Maybe someday, Rainbowholic will cause a lot of noise (the good kind) in Japan or even in overseas.. and we might get help / aid in achieving our Harajuku shop and cafe dreams! Whether we super nail it in the future or not (but we must!!), we’re all doing these gimmicks for (sincere) rainbow fun. I can assure you. ^^v

The following post is only the FIRST PART of the rainbowholic car blog feature ^^

ikou~ ikou~!!

(let’s go, let’s go)

During a hot summer afternoon >_<

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My Red Randoseru Backpack + Meeting Peko-chan at Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya + Design Festa Art and Fashion Haul!

Hello everyone! I just got home from a very exhausting day.. huhuhu.  :blank:

I had an agenda in Shibuya today so I dressed up in an outfit that tells so much about me. I didn’t go outside with the randoseru though.. Had to use a smaller and much convenient bag ~  :cute:


My sky skirt looks raped in the photo. Forgot to fix since I was hurrying up…

Simple outfit for a sunny day! I designed the shirt, bow necklace and sky skirt!

Shoes from Swimmer!

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