#RainbowsForMyDad – Help Us Beat Cancer

Dear all,

I am writing this on my blog with lots of mixed emotions.

This year of 2017, a lot of great things had happened which I am forever grateful for. And you guys are part of it, of course! :”) I don’t think I would have the motivation and inspiration to continue my current dreams if it were not for your cheers from the other side of the world. Still blogging throughout these years really requires a lot of energy especially when you have #adulting responsibilities. This is why your words of encouragement have pushed me & made me more decided to take my content creator dreams into a greater level in the form of youtube / video content.

Life is really a mix of everything, isn’t it? With all the blessings pouring in and challenges that have tested my patience and creativity when it comes to finances, here comes another big challenge for me (and for my family). Months ago, my parents had finally told me that my Dad got cancer (I knew there was something strange when we were traveling around Japan). It is still stage 1 and treatable… but the treatment costs a lot of money. I’m not really from a rich family (the reason why I’m in Japan is also because to help my parents) so this is really a tough one for all of us. There are days I just space out and I have to slap myself back to reality so I could find more solutions for everyone.

Last October, I applied for multiple part-time jobs and I’m happy to announce that after 1-2 months of training (+processing of documents) at this new English school, I am officially going to start working at this school next year (half of the salary will go straight to my Dad). I am still working at JLM-STORE.com but my work hours are divided now. I don’t want to let go nor take a pause at my favorite kind of work (Rainbowholic shop + youtube + blog) because this is really what makes me happy. I have to take care of my mental health as much as my physical health so I still prioritize myself despite everything that is happening to me. Maybe the path for the success & financial freedom I’ve been longing for my family really takes time so I might as well enjoy the journey by not forgetting about the things in life that make me happy too. I’m proud to share that through these efforts (youtube / shop), I am also able to pool some funds for his radiation therapy (just a few days for now). But of course, it’s still not enough and I also have to save money on my own so I can run the my small online business and survive life here in Japan.

This is why I’ve decided to open up about this. At first, I was a little bit hesitant because it’s super personal and I feel really vulnerable, but when life is already at stake.. I guess you gotta have to do anything and forget about feeling embarrassed. I will do my best to help my Dad beat cancer. When I was younger, my mom also got cancer and through proper medications, lots of prayers, and tons of positivity, she pulled through! It was also during a very hard time in my life. Now, I know my Dad can do the same. I just feel sad sometimes because even though he has this illness, he still has to work so they can survive in Manila. Because if he doesn’t, it’s hard for everybody. ;_; Huhu.

If you’d like to help, I am plugging my newly-listed #RainbowMail / #RainbowCare products at Rainbowholic Shop. Last year, through your help, I was able to raise funds to bring my parents to Japan and give them an all-expense paid trip (which I saved up for almost half a year). I guess this coming year, my shop has a different purpose now.

I will still keep doing my own thing. Crafting releases all the stress out of my body even if I’m working day in, day out. If you enjoy these and would like to support my dreams, I will also return the favor through my output. ^^

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