What Living In Japan Has Taught Me 🌸

7 years ago, my ultimate dream came true. 


Photo by mumsh Abbey

I call it my cherry blossom dream. Thanks to my hardworking brother, I was able to start a new life as a Japanese language student here in Japan. I repaid his love by working with him in growing his company where I was able to do a wide scope of work from packing fragile Japanese antiques, to setting up an online store as the number one source of vintage souvenir jackets. It was a crazy type of additional schooling, lol. Still grateful for the craziness.


As I started my journey, I relaunched my passion for sharing creative content and blogging. I blogged about my simple life and fascination over kawaii culture. I met many people. I also said goodbye to many people. They also said goodbye to me. I moved on and eventually became ready to open new doors too. Experience is the best teacher as they say.


I went through a lot of phases. I had many achievements. I also had an equal share of setbacks. Yin and yang. I went through depression. That rock bottom served as my solid foundation that helped me find my purpose in life. I realized that I’m only alive for less than 10 decades, what the hell am I complaining about?


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Life Updates + Thank You, 2016! ?

Hi everybody!

It feels like it has been a decade since I last updated this blog, haha!

I’ve been extremely busy these days for various reasons and I hope to get my usual content creation pace back ~

Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken during my absence! 😉

Saying goodbye to autumn ~

Thank you Chichi for these! You can buy these soon from Rainbowholic Shop! For local buyers, please check our instagram at @kawaii.ph.store 🙂

Shoefie ~ lolol

Got these presents from Mohammedさん!You guys should check out his dreamy art ~

The customized postcard is my favorite!

Look at that beautiful washi tape design!

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Rejection builds character.

Hello everybody! : )

I am not quite sure why I am currently on a blogging spree these days. And mostly, these posts are about my reflections. Kaila the old soul, haha.

Maybe it’s because there had been too many things happening recently in my life.. ? Or maybe this is a sign of growing up? Adult life.. *sigh*.



(From #88LOVELIFE book by Diana & Dinda)

For this entry, I shall share with you how rejection over the years has made me stronger and wiser. I realized that rejection can either turn a person…

  1. bitter
  2. better

From my younger years until now, I have been rejected too many times that I’ve lost count. I have been rejected by my favored university, by the Japan embassy (denied visa), by friends, by my crushes (haha, so highschool but that time huhu </3)… and sometimes, when we have to deal / face rejection on our own.. we just tend to take those rejections too personally. Sometimes, when things turn out so well, we turn sour & negative and we lose our natural sweetness and positivity.

If there is one question (which my friend Ashley asked me) that would always make me feel better or make me realize instantly that “it’s okay” during my troubling times, it would be –

10 years from now, will it still matter?“.

And my answer to that is that-

I do not think so. No.

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How the Kawaii Philippines (community work) has helped me to become a better person

Hello everyone! Good evening!

I’m in the middle of doing kawaiifund.org work (which is launching very very soon, too!). As you may have known based from my posts through my social media accounts, my dear friend Ashley & I have finally launched “OurKawaii.Tokyo” already. I have soo many things to share about what really happened behind this website + book idea.. and how we made it happen. We still have bigger dreams about this and I’ll share it with you guys on my next posts. Please look forward to it! 🙂

Actually, I really feel tired now. I have a lot of pending shipments for both JLM Store and Rainbowholic Shop. The apartment and our office are still in a mess. If only I could hire someone here to help me, I would.. But I guess juggling everything and finding balance (sanity + work + enjoyment) are the challenges I should face first.

As I was doing Kawaii PH duties, I realized that I have changed a lot. The way I approach things, the way I think.. and how much this community work has changed me to become a better person. I actually teared a little when I read Mica’s testimony about kawaii and how our little community in the Philippines has given her that “push” / “boost”.

kawaii philippines

And because I feel like listing again, here are my learnings during my journey as the team leader of Kawaii Philippines.

I don’t feel like being called as a “Kawaii PH founder” now, for some reason. I just think of myself as someone who was given a gift to gather people. And again, titles are just titles unless you give meaning to those.

I am no angel or saint. I swear too much and I am so unlady-like in so many ways and for this one, I will be in my true blue Kailaroo, lolol. The “Kaila Kardashian”, as some of my friends in real life would (fondly) call me lololol.

 The things I learned while working my butt off in Kawaii PH.


1. It is NOT always about me, me and me. When I started to go out of my way and sacrifice a lot time for Kawaii PH, I learned to give a shit about the world, about these girls and women who just want to be confident in their own skin. People usually raise eyebrows whenever I tell them that yes, “Kawaii can change the world”. Who would have thought that kawaii can become a cause as well?

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