[Rainbowholic x modes4u.com] Rilakkuma & Mameshiba Kawaii Giveaway

Hello guys~!

I am proud to announce that modes4u.com will be generously sponsoring kawaii goodies for two (2) lucky Rainbowholic readers!


This online kawaii shop from Hongkong offer lots of KAWAII fabricsstationeryDIY clay setsbento lunch boxesRe-Ment miniature toys and accessories! :hihi:  Licensed / original Sanrio & San-x items, anyone…?

I even reviewed the online shop before! Click here to read it~


Giveaway Time, Yay!

FIRST PRIZE: Rilakkuma Set
☆ Rilakkuma Re-Ment ☆
☆ Zodiac sign Rilakkuma plush charm (the winner can choose her own zodiac sign) ☆

SECOND PRIZE: Mameshiba Set
☆ Mameshiba (Kyaryshiba) earphone plug ☆
☆ Kawaii Mameshiba folder ☆

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The Little Things in Every Day + Nico Panda at Harajuku + Kawaii Noms at Fujiya Easter Carnival and MORE~

Hello, hello! It’s 1:00 in the morning here (edit: super fail, I fell asleep & I’m actually re-editing this after 3 days! *_*) and I’m still awake even though my body tells me to sleep..  :what: Brain, for once, stop thinking!! Heart, stop worrying! >_<


Anyway.. I thought I should start writing about this post now. Had this in the drafts folder for a week already -_-

Finally, spring has come! I can finally wear more comfortable clothes and I don’t need to pile up so much like before.

I have been waiting patiently for this season to come because winter was really gloomy for me. Seeing flowers, being able to walk more comfortably (without shivering so much), and the like have been such a treat for me.  :333: And I can finally wear my favorite creative socks + flats! No more hassling boots~  :heart:

I went out to take photos for my work. Thought I should pair up this really cute pair of watermelon socks (SPINNS Harajuku) with this heart onepiece!  :heart:

Also recently, I have been dressing up quite special for no.. special reason. I guess the extra effort improves my mood more. I’ve been feeling quite lazy these days (or more like tired?) because of everything that has been going on. But I am happy :”)


Enjoy The Littlest Things

‘Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.’” ― A.A. Milne ♥

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Adrenaline Rush + HFW no. 15 + Be@rbrick Surprise with Project 1/6 + ETC

こんにちは〜! :yay:

I’m currently taking a break from working on my current project. Phew~ 大変だけど、嬉しいです

I can’t believe how so many things can happen in just a month!  :blank: Seriously, sometimes I think that days have become too short. *_*


Anyway.. here’s a rather complicated outfit photo for my HFW (Harajuku Fashion Walk) work for TokyoFashion.com! I just finished the video today and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Please wait for the article to come out, hihi~

Coordinate details:

JSG Unicorn Hoodie, MOMO knit top, Les Fantaisies Tights, Rilakkuma Canvas Tote bag from modes4u.com, SWIMMER shoes  :heart:


Last January, though it was my birthday month.. I was actually having a LOT of  down days because of personal reasons. YUP, optimistic people like me do get depressed too.  :x: but…  after drowning myself with endless self-motivation quotes & engaging myself with various creative outlets…… each and every single day, I could feel that I was getting better and better. ^^

I guess that what they say is true… hitting “rock bottom” in your life really does empower you more. It’s the PERFECT time you can pause & reflect, filter your thoughts & drain all the negative emotions, reflect & refocus your goals. Then once you’re all set & you feel that* adrenaline rush, you can restart your car engine until it works again.. then you continue your trip or you take the detour you planned instead. Hehe~ don’t worry when I really feel 10000% better (can’t wait for the day when I’d just laugh about the unfortunate things that happened to me), I’ll write a motivational post for my readers (who might be experiencing something similar). I’ve always wanted to share a more personal / relatable entry anyway.  ^^v


On a different note, something really, really great happened a few days ago.. but I have to keep it for myself first. ;__;

Never thought there would be a day I’d prepare a short Rainbowholic presentation.. and in Japan! The meeting went so great that I even had a spontaneous crybaby moment out of  happiness. Yes, I also cry when I’m too happy (ureshisugi)!!  Had to contain myself after because my eyeliner wasn’t waterproof.. hahaha #girlproblems

Another fact about myself is.. I actually like doing presentations.  Reminds me of my advertising thesis days.. which is still probably the best presentation I did (yet) with the best team I could ever be with (hi Gracie & Patrick!!) ^^


Easy Kawaii D.I.Y. time with modes4u’s puffy Rilakkuma stickers + Instacollage on iPad (best for making mood boards, etc.)  ^^

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Daily Japan Kawaii Photo Dump + Newfound Be@rbrick Love + modes4u.com Rilakkuma Loot Review by Rainbowholic

O-hi-sa-shi-bu-ri~! Hello Rainbowholic friends ^^

I’m so happy that I’ve found time to blog again ;_; As of now, I’ve been concentrating on this really exciting project with my special collaborators and partners. I started it alone last November until I gave my 10000% to it.. and I just can’t wait to share it to you guys! Hint: It’ll be a tribute for Japan.  :blush:

Aside from working almost 24/7 for this (seriously, bath time + buying food have become a reward to me, hahaha!)..

I juggle it with my work-out days in Parco.

A girl can always dream to have a Miranda Kerr-fit like body. But the Pockyholic & sweet addict in me just… betrays the Miranda Kerr body dreamer Kaila huhu.

If you were a follower of Rainbowholic blog from the start, you’d notice how much weight I’ve lost upon coming to Japan.. and I really worked hard on that. Don’t worry guys, I’m not anorexic or anything near to that (I love food a lot!!), I just want to challenge myself physically. Let’s see if I’d get those VS angels abs…  hahaha~


I finally had my meishi / business cards reprinted. Used ChiChi‘s illustrations~

People would always ask me what kind of a blogger I am… and before, I wasn’t really sure. I just know that I love introducing Japan’s Kawaii Bunka (culture) through my forever curious perspective.

Went to Doraemon / Fujiko F. Fujio Museum with Emika ^^ Need to sort out the pictures and everything yet..

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