Commercial Break :))

Hello, hello!  :heart:

Let me present my piece of art below~ :)))

Let’s have a commercial break first of happy-happy posts and something (slightly)serious for now. I’ll try to be serious with my metaphors lol!

I would just like to share a lesson I have learned the hard way through sad (and very sad, haha) experiences.

You can consider this as a piece of advice from me, if you’re currently undergoing the same thing. If you’re a long-time reader, you would realize/know that I’m an advocate of positive / right attitude (if there’s such advocacy haha). For some reason, there are some who would really email / message me for some advice in life (how to stay motivated, how to deal with haters *_*, etc.) and I try to message back with my own thoughts. Now, I think I’ll just forward this article about “how to deal with unnecessary hate.. rainbowholic-style” :)))

Even with such overwhelming support I get from my family, friends and readers (le Rainbowholic tomodachis hihi).. I guess that it’s just natural to attract some negativity elsewhere.

Sometimes (especially during my stressful days), as a human being..  I just cannot help but get affected for a minute or so. It’s funny because it used to take longerrr  before but because I simply have NO TIME (and I don’t really allocate my precious hours for those)… it has become shorter.. Yay, achievement! :”)

When somebody tells a not-so-good statement about me..

The question that I’d always ask myself would be.. “Is this person’s statement / opinion about me….. really VALID?

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