Kawaii Studio Mini Revamp + Hobonichi Updates + Washi Collection 🌈

Hi everybody!

Here’s a photo dump of what happened since last weekend. Hope you guys enjoy the kawaii spam!

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Finally had time to do general cleaning in one of my rooms (where I’d work before when it’s JLM Store-related). Tried to “tone it down” a bit lol

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This was probably one of my greatest achievements last week, haha. Some of my toys fell when there was an earthquake and I got so busy with JLM Store and other stuff happened.. and I neglected the room for a while. Now, I’ve decided to convert it as a mini studio where I would create content for my blog and youtube channel.

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Hi, Groot!

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Favorite coffee from the vending machine

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Kaila’s Current Room + How I Arrange My Thoughts + Little INKPLAY Shop & Imani’s Kawaii Dreams

Hello everybody! 🙂

This blog post is composed of 3 random parts and I hope it’s okay haha. I have so many things to share and I find it the hardest to try to combine everything together in unison lolol especially when so many things are happening all at the same time! *_*


Been juggling Rainbowholic, KPH Store, Design Festa preparations, OKT, JLM Store altogether ~ Hopefully I can finish all before May ends!

I need another Kaila in my life lolol #KailaProblems



Spot my Marie cookies!! These are my favorites <3

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My Kawaii Wishlist + Fuji Q Part 1 + Rainbowholic Room & Workspace


 Good morning! おはようございます from Japan!

For today’s photospam post, I’ll be sharing my own Kawaii Wish List (an activity that Ashley started within Kawaii Philippines Community)!


Matcha cake, Cardcaptor Sakura merch, Studio Ghibli / Totoro goodies, Cherry blossom stickers…

And my dream workstation from Niko and Slow Life : ))



 My kawaii wish is to be able to eat all icecream flavors without gaining pounds hahaha


I wanna try this Sailor Moon contact lenses!! Jupiter please!


Cherry blossom for indoors! These are good for props, haha!

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The Best Christmas Gift

Good morning~! Ohayou from Japan! 🙂

First of all, a Merry, Merry Christmas to you!  :3:

Still having a little bit of Christmas Eve hangover from yesterday~ I had so much fun with my family here in Japan!


As you can tell (after my influx of posts), I am inspired and motivated to “blog” again.. the way I have always wanted to do it.

For some reason, taking photos with my buddy DSLR is one of my ways to relax myself~

I am seriously taking advantage of this holiday season to unwind.. in preparation for 2015! 😀


For practice, I took some shots of my current creative space here at our apartment! : )


Cardcaptor Sakura forever 😀


Peko and Poko ~





Haaaaiiiii~ : )

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