Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition: The Enchanted Museum! 🌸

Hi all!

Last Tuesday, I went to Roppongi Hills in Tokyo for the Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition with my childhood bestfriend Aya (from Manila)! It was a super heart-warming experience for me and Aya because we used to watch Cardcaptor Sakura during our adolescent years (lol). Imagine being in the same city with your childhood best friend & visiting a special exhibition that is extremely close to both of your hearts? It was such a great memory that I would love to reminisce & reminisce again! :”)

All the feels!

Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition Official Website

Limited time & only until January 3, 2019!

Price for university students / adults: 1,800 JPY

Click this link for the ticket / access guide!

Clueless about this series? Read the plot / synopsis here.

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A Week With Ashley (Saitama, Gunma, Yokohama & Tokyo)

Hi everybody!

As you can tell from my current social media posts, I’ve been having a blast with my dear friend Ashley! Ashley is back in Japan for vacation & she spent almost a week here in Saitama. She’s already on her way back to Hyogo-ken now though, huhu!

We actually didn’t have concrete plans & most of our days were really just chill but we’re both so glad that we were able to maximize our days together for both leisure and work!

To start our mini JP adventure together, we had a Yukata date on a Friday!


Watch the #Hobonichi With Me video here & view our yukata date photos here and here.


While waiting for her arrival, I spotted this corner inside the train station. Such a instagrammable frame, haha!

(..and I thought she would arrive at 6:05 AM.. when the actual time was 6:50 AM lolololol me being me)

After our quick nanaha lunch, we roamed around & took each other’s photos.

Yesterday, we had a sukajan shoot for Japan Lover Me Store.


Went to Yokohama to meet common friends & witnessed the “Pikachu Outbreak”.

Lavender dreams unlocked for Ashley! Went all the way to Gunma prefecture so we could have a floral escapade together haha.


Cute train ~


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Sailormoon (セーラームーン) Exhibition with Allie!

Hi everyone!

Here’s the promised blog report / photo diary of our Sailormoon Exhibition experience. So glad we were able to make it! Allie and I went last June 18 and the last day was on the 19th. ~ ギリギリだった!

DSCF5126 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5170 sailormoon hobonichi diary

Preview of the #Hobonichi With Me

DSCF5117 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

✨ Watch the Special Hobonichi video here ✨

Please do join the mini Sailormoon postcard giveaway too if you love Sailormoon!

DSCF5053 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5054 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5059 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

Tokyo Tower! So beautiful ~

DSCF5057 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5061 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

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January 3, 2016

こんばんは!Konbanwa from Japan!

This post is already overdue about how I spent my 25th birthday last January 3 but I’m sharing it anyway! Better late than never, hehe! : )

DSCF2385rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Started the day with a selfie! I’m going to compile all my shameless selfie birthday photos until the day I turn into a kawaii grandma, haha.

DSCF2392rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Rode the subway to Roppongi. Had mass and went to Takashi Murakami’s Flower Cafe for a late lunch!

DSCF2393rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

DSCF2449rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

More photos here!

DSCF2454rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

This view would always remind me of my Roppongi date with Ashley last 2014!

DSCF2455rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

I went to Ueno after my Roppongi afternoon.

DSCF2457rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

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