Sailormoon (セーラームーン) Exhibition with Allie!

Hi everyone!

Here’s the promised blog report / photo diary of our Sailormoon Exhibition experience. So glad we were able to make it! Allie and I went last June 18 and the last day was on the 19th. ~ ギリギリだった!

DSCF5126 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5170 sailormoon hobonichi diary

Preview of the #Hobonichi With Me

DSCF5117 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

✨ Watch the Special Hobonichi video here ✨

Please do join the mini Sailormoon postcard giveaway too if you love Sailormoon!

DSCF5053 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5054 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5059 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

Tokyo Tower! So beautiful ~

DSCF5057 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

DSCF5061 sailormoon exhibition roppongi hills

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Kawaii Japan Packaging + Starbucks Japan Sakura Special + Mini Ouji Adventure + Kiddyland Harajuku Cuteness

Hello everyone!

Here’s another super kawaii spam that I want to share ~

Yesterday night after work, my cousin Gil, Justin, and I went to a nearby Starbucks to try their famous seasonal Sakura drinks!


Sakura Blossom Frappe + Latte & Sakura Chiffon Cake = Simply HEAVEN!


Went to a local grocery yesterday too and spotted this Sakura-flavored Jumbo Mushi Cake!


Asahi and Suntory’s special Sakura packaging design = for keeps!

DSCF6793 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Here are some chocolate freebies for our Japan Lover Me Store customers / clients! I really love this “fashionable” collaboration among DARS & Japanese fashion brands!

DSCF6794 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

DSCF6059 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle! Just a preview of many photos of my Kiddyland Harajuku visit with Kiko, Crissey and Crissey’s friends! 😀

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