Life Lately & Thoughts + Revamped Rainbowholic Homepage 🌈

Hi all!

Been feeling a little more productive than usual. I don’t know what’s with me these days but I’m in a super ~content creation~ mode, lolol.

Before that and before I write down some current random thoughts.. let me just share some photos! :”) It ain’t a rainbowholic blog entry without a photospam first, haha ~

Got to design my wall filled with pretty sakura things!

A favorite corner in my room.

Washi tapes I’ve been using these days ~

My favorite washi covered spread from my ABC Daily Journal

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Hobonichi & Shop Updates + Traveler’s Factory + Bunbougu Cafe ☕

Hi everybody!

Here’s another kawaii photo spam this week! : ) Enjoy the photos ~

Visited Traveler’s Factory at Nakameguro for the first time with Knatt. We really enjoyed the stamping station in the store!

Editing a new #Hobonichi With Me video for today! Feel free to tag #RainbowholicTV if you want your kawaii journal pages to be featured 💕

Mister Donut mornings with Knatt ~

Finished decorating my Hobonichi Techo & Hobonichi Weeks diaries!

Thanks Abbey, Chichi and Knatt for my stickers!

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🌸 Kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe Ikebukuro Collaboration 🌸

Hi everyone!

Here’s an overdue photo diary of my Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe Ikebukuro visit weeks ago! Thank you Justin for the photos! : ) You can read / view the previous CCS pop-up store blog entry here.


Spinel Sun & Keroberos ~






Animate Cafe Official Website


CCS coasters for collection ~


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Hanami with Abbey 🌸 + Start of Our Hobonichi Adventures 💕

Hi everybody!

Here’s an extremely long overdue post from last Spring~ 🌸

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 80

The start of my hobonichi craze!

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 11

Hello cherry blossoms, I miss you!

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 30

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 8

Let’s start with the narration, shall we? 🙂

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 1

Went to Tokyo (Harajuku & Shibuya) with Abbey~

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 2

Snapped some kawaii photos while window shopping ~

(If you don’t want to spend on it, just take a photo of it haha. Words of wisdom from me)

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