How To Enjoy Sanrio Puroland + Puro Halloween Party 2017 ?

Hi everybody!

Plans got cancelled this weekend so I’m having a super rare time to sit down and share some stories from a super kawaii day a few weeks ago. YAAY!

After quite some time, I finally got to visit Sanrio Puroland (with Aki) on a weekday! I’m just so glad that he loves Gudetama as much as I do so.. I wasn’t the only person who really enjoyed this amusement park, haha!

It was my 3rd time to visit Sanrio Puroland and everytime I go back, there would be something new!

I edited a vlog (with some notes towards the end) and hope you guys enjoy it ~

WATCH VIDEO: How To Enjoy SANRIO PUROLAND Tokyo | Gudetama Land + Puro Halloween Party ( サンリオピューロランド )

I accidentally deleted the journaling process video of this spread but I’m planning to do a kawaii demo one more time using Traveler’s Notebook instead~ ;_;

It was raining but thank God that Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park!

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Kawaii Stationery + Hobonichi + Samantha Thavasa’s Bon Bon Voyage

Hi everybody!

Here’s another kawaii spam of random happenings & discoveries! Enjoy the blog post! 😉


While strolling around Omotesando last Sunday, I saw this very, very cute van!


Rainbow kakigori & yummy icecream for hot summer days ~


Coming soon on my youtube channel: Kaila-fied instax films!


What I enjoy the most ~


Read my victories of the day, lol


2017 Hobonichi Lineup Preview Blog Entry + #Hobonichi With Me video

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Sanrio Puroland Part 1: My Melody Room & Dream Cafe + Others

Hi everyone! こんにちは!

For this special Sanrio Puroland blog series, I shall be sharing around 500+ photos I took during my visit with かわいい Josephine!

If you’re a reader from years ago, you’d probably remember the time I went to Sanrio Puroland years ago with my bestfriend Leen. And we wore matching Kitty-chan inspired outfits too, haha! Memories!

DSCF3462 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Been super looking forward to this day since last December! I really saved up and allocated funds for this kawaii date, haha!

DSCF3470 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Still looking as magical as ever, Puroland!

DSCF3473 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

DSCF3457 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Favorite red shoes (even if it’s slightly stained, haha) ~ Bought this pair for almost 250-300 JPY (100 PHP) from a thrift store in the Philippines!

DSCF3459 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Curled my hair for this day. I think I woke up at around 5:30 / 6:00 in the morning just to prepare (and also because of excitement, I must say Hahahhahaa).

Josephine and I decided to meet at Shinjuku station (forgot if it was 9 or 10 am, haha).

DSCF3460 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Arrived earlier so I decided to munch on some breakfast! Yay food!

DSCF3461 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Got to know more about Josephine while we were riding the Keio line~ :”)

I really enjoyed our conversations throughout the whole day! I got to know more about Norway (such an interesting country btw) because of her too!

Thank you so much for letting me get to know you!

And…. I’m just really so happy that I get to enjoy Sanrio Puroland with a friend who is also obsessed with kawaii characters / Sanrio! If I went with my family or non-kawaii lover friends, I think that they wouldn’t be able to appreciate it as much as  I do! Hehehe ~

DSCF3762 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Thank you for so being game with me! Yay, Gudetama purikura!! *Happy Tears*

DSCF3464 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Me at this point: How to stop taking photos of Sanrio Puroland’s rainbow entrance? :))

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Kawaii Photospam Dump + Cardcaptor Sakura Items + Dolly Kaye Dresses & Mad Tee Party Coordinates

Hello, everyone!

Just sharing a bunch of kawaii photos I took recently + other overdue updates! <3

I actually drafted this post way before I went to Hokkaido lolol & only rediscovered it now. I added some recent kawaii discoveries too and I hope that you will enjoy the kawaii visual experience of this post! So many colors *_*

When my eyes landed on this kawaii ECONECO coloring book, I knew I had to buy one for myself! It’s so magical and pretty inside!! *_*

If you’re interested, you can also grab a copy from Rainbowholic Shop.


Decided to drop by at a Krispy Kreme branch and was surprised how Halloween was so early!

I think that Halloween is undeniably one of the most celebrated seasons here in Japan. *_*


Caramel Halloween Jack and Maple Milk Frank! Even the names are too sweet and kawaii haha.


The packaging = WIN!


Saw the cutest “Lip Cream” from Sanrio! OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE?


Been addicted to Decoupage DIY projects recently. I can’t wait to update Kawaii D.I.Y. to introduce this!

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