Room Makeover for November!

A VERY cold morning and a back pain: reasons why I didn’t go out today.

I was planning to go to the 34th Design Festa in Odaiba, Tokyo but I woke up feeling TIRED. I know that I wouldn’t enjoy it so I just stayed home and continued my room makeover from last night.. and I guess I made the right decision! /pats herself


My stuff were so crazy @___@ It’s hard to squeeze in all your clothes / coats into a rack and a cabinet! Japan and small rooms! Huhuhu  :tsk:

My Juki sewing machine also arrived yesterday night so I was obligated to fix my room and make “room” for it. After hours and hours with multiple breaks, I proudly present my mini Kaila world here in Nippon!

Here’s what my room looked like before.. with less stuff haha

Blythe, camera, heart sunnies, aeroplanes, a map…

Juki-chan, my sewing machine (because its from Juki! hahaha). I’m so lame /sigh

Someday I’m gonna travel the world with a camera on one hand.. and .. : )

I’m a sucker for keychains hahaha, I didn’t bring out the Disneyland keychains because I’m afraid if those get rust or whatever @_@

Me in my jammies

Cute room boots to warm my feet! <3 and my explorer backpack  :heart:

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