Let’s Talk About Shibuya! (#TokyoExtra 12/27 Youtube Live Stream Show)

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, I will be part of TOKYO EXTRA youtube live stream show once again! This wouldn’t be possible if it were not for your support! ;_; I cannot believe I’ll be a guest one more time! I thought that my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was already enough (and just represent Kawaii PH).. but I guess life just really surprises you randomly. *_* Thank you to Tokyo Extra team for trusting me again + my friends for being the Miss Bulgaria in my life!

For some behind-the-scenes, you may follow my snapchat account: rainbowholic.me <3

Tokyo Extra Google Plus

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Tokyo Extra Shibuya02

In the next episode, we will be discussing and sharing useful information about SHIBUYA!

Tokyo Extra shibuya ashley

Here’s a super pretty photo of Ashley at the famous Shibuya Crossing.


Will be posting my top 5 favorite activities / places in Shibuya soon on my Google Plus account.

Shibuya Justin Japan 01

If you are going to TOKYO anytime soon, SHIBUYA is definitely one of the top 5 places you should come and visit!

It’s a crowded place but it’s still manageable. 😉 It’s so pretty at night!

Shibuya Justin Japan 02

Photos by Justin of JustinJapan.com

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ABC x Rainbowholic Day 4: Shirohige Totoro Cream Puffs, Shimokitazawa, and Genki Sushi

Hello everybody!

For today’s photospam, here’s Day 4 of the ABC X Rainbowholic Tokyo Travel Series!

To start, here’s Totoro! 🙂


Totoro Cream Puff from Shirohige ~


Kawaii schoolgirl #twinning with Abbey ~


Bow from Lucy Pop ~


First stop, breakfast at a nearby Matsuya ~


Agenda for the day: Shimokitazawa stroll…


… and bring Abbey to Shirohige!


Shirohige Cream Puff Store in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (access guide)


ABC duties : ))

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Urth Caffe with Laura & Allie, Pompompurin Cafe with Yza, and Anne Kate’s Inspirational Dream

Hello, hello!

This is going to be a long blog entry! Lots of meet-up stories with creative friends, inspirational dreams unlocked, and some personal thoughts from yours truly.

But first, let’s have some ramen! 🙂


Terribly craving for ramen yesterday (haven’t had one in months!). Luckily, I was just around the area of ramen restaurants.

I blame instagram for making me crave for ramen even if I just ate lololol.


It’s been raining since last week here in Tokyo / Saitama. Sun, please come out soon!


Craved for soba so… there. Lolol what’s up with me and my cravings?

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Harajuku – Shibuya Photo Walk + Melting Chocolate Ball from Pierre Hermé, Aoyama


Last Sunday, I met up with Ashley, Laura & Allie, my Filipina friends living in Tokyo, to spend a post-Valentine date together.

We have different interests and styles but we mash well together.. so I love this group combination, haha!

I still cannot get over the fact that our youngest (Lauraa) is the tallest among all of us. Haha, so random  :))


(Unrelated photo of Krispy Kreme donuts just because haha)


We all agreed to meet up in front of the Pierre Hermé store (in Aoyama) at 10:00 AM.

I wanted to walk and stroll around so I got off at Harajuku station. Quite far but the walk was relaxing ~

Took some photos for Our Kawaii Tokyo ^^



It was actually my first time to try their macarons!

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