Kawaii Journaling Workshop in Tokyo! ?

Hi everybody!

If you are in Tokyo this November 25 and you have no plans yet, my friend Kate and I would like to invite you to join our FIRST workshop in Tokyo!

We had 2 runs of Kawaii Journaling workshops before and both were in Urawa, Saitama. After searching for months, we’ve finally found a great venue for our workshops! Many thanks to Cafe Stay Happy team for allowing us to make this workshop dream in Tokyo a reality. ^^

[ click here for the registration form ]

We will be having a casual chitchat, kawaii doodling / journal layout demo, activity time, and a raffle of stationery goodies from Rainbowholic Shop.

Yummy organic lunch meals will also be served during the later part of the workshop.

Discounted fee is only 3,500 (from 5,000) for a 3-hour workshop inclusive of the kit & lunch set.

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Manual Blogging ft. Hobonichi + Adventures with Abbey & Reesey

Hi everyone!

Just a quick photospam update of what I’ve been up to these weeks~!

As of today, I have 15+ blog entries waiting to be fulfilled starting last month. As much as I’d want to blog so often every after significant day / adventure with a friend, I’m trying my best to focus on enjoying everything first (and ~be more present~) and then finally compiling all the documentation later in blog entry form. Recently, I’ve been enjoying “blogging manually” using my first hobonichi.


I got so addicted to documenting my day that my Day 8 turned out like this. :))

*career mode on!*


I’ve been soooo busy with all the online / web-related work that’s why this very hands-on activity is something that I find very relaxing / stress-relieving.

Reminds me of the time when we were required to write on our “Reading Journal” + my “Hobby Craft Club” days back in elementary.


Writing down my thoughts & exercising my creativity both make me grateful and productive at the same time.

I keep a lot of planners / diaries / notebooks with me so I could write on my personal dreams (as a form of visualization / my way of “calling the universe”) and also for me to practice the self-imposed regular “gratitude exercises” I’ve promised myself to do since years ago.  I have this tendency to be soooo overwhelmed about things so listing down things (no matter how important or unimportant these are) has greatly helped me keep sane and positive.

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Plum Blossom Viewing at Hanegi Park, Tokyo + A Surprise Birthday Gift From Asmitha

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, Laura and I went to Hanegi Park in Shimokitazawa to see the plum blossoms!

The pretty plums aren’t in full bloom yet so if you are in Tokyo this week, better grab this opportunity! I recommend this to be added to your itinerary! 🙂

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 20

Plum blossoms are as beautiful as cherry blossoms! <3

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 6

More photos later when you scroll down below! 🙂



But before that, let me just share this very sweet / thoughtful gesture by Asmitha-chan (a little sister / 妹ちゃん reader of mine).

I seriously did not expect a “birthday package” again this 2016!

asmitha rainbowholic gift8

I super appreciate this! Handmade gifts are really the most touching!

(BTW, here’s what Asmitha-chan sent to me last year!)

asmitha rainbowholic gift1

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ABC x Rainbowholic Day 4: Shirohige Totoro Cream Puffs, Shimokitazawa, and Genki Sushi

Hello everybody!

For today’s photospam, here’s Day 4 of the ABC X Rainbowholic Tokyo Travel Series!

To start, here’s Totoro! 🙂


Totoro Cream Puff from Shirohige ~


Kawaii schoolgirl #twinning with Abbey ~


Bow from Lucy Pop ~


First stop, breakfast at a nearby Matsuya ~


Agenda for the day: Shimokitazawa stroll…


… and bring Abbey to Shirohige!


Shirohige Cream Puff Store in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (access guide)


ABC duties : ))

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