Kawaii Box Giveaway + Hobonichi With Me 💝

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another Kawaii Box review + giveaway on the blog!


I was so excited to open my own box that I just had to film everything first~!

Here’s the video that I just uploaded earlier this morning on rainbowholic.tv ~

KAWAII BOX Unboxing + Hobonichi With Me 💝


My Kawaii Box actually arrived quicker than I expected it to be ~


Kawaii Box Review 1 | Kawaii Box Review 2 | Kawaii Box Review 3

( Extra: Japan Candy Box )


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Hair Salon NALU and 76CAFE at Omotesando, Tokyo

Hello everybody!

おはようございます from Japan!

For today’s blog post, I’m going to share about my first experience at Hair Salon NALU and 76CAFE located at Omotesando, Tokyo!

To start off, here’s a photo of one of their popular desserts! It’s so cute!


.. and I indeed had a good stay!


Post-salon treatment #OOTD with this clever Sukajan / souvenir jacket that will be available soon at Japan Lover Me Store!

Guys, it’s HACHIKO! :)) Angry Hachiko + Shibuya Map, haha!


I went there last Thursday and it was raining in the morning. I was so hungry so I had a quick breakfast at Mcdonald’s first!

It was also my first time to see the Spring version of the Takeshita Dori banner!


First time to order this set!

After stuffing myself with much-needed energy, I went to NALU hair salon.

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My Happy Kawaii Box + Blog Giveaway!

Hello everyone! : )

For today, I’m going to blog about the Kawaii Box (October 2015) I received recently.


To those who will be reading about Kawaii Box for the first time through my blog, you can read my previous reviews of this subscription box here:

Kawaii Box Review 1Kawaii Box Review 2

( Extra: Japan Candy Box )


I just got back from Japan when I received this box from the mailman.

Such a happy surprise for a kawaii lifestyle lover like me! ^^


So far, this is my favorite Kawaii Box because of the giant plushie (which is called Flan Dakigurumi btw) ~



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The Perfect Cloud Skirt for Rainbowholic + End of January

Good evening from Japan~

And long time no #OOTD post! *_* Wow, it’s been so longgg since I posted a fashion-related blog entry!

This is definitely something refreshing~ don’t you think? Hehe!


For today, I am going to review this handmade cloud skirt by a hardworking Etsy seller from Greece, Nimi!

Just want to include some extra info about the kawaii shop owner because I think that Nimi is adorable like her name, hehe!


From her “About Me” page ~

I am the girl who makes everything you see. The master and servant! I love colors and Japanese crazy street styles!!
I come from Athens , but since when I was very young, I always had an interest on other cultures too. I believe in positive energy, freedom, sincerity, dignity ,power of humour and..in happy immaturity! Staying young in mind!
My beloved shop shouts for a colorful and dreamy side of life .
From a forest fairy…to a Harajuku girl, looking for girls with humour and imagination….
Is that you?


Thank you for choosing me Nimi! ^^


This was custom-made for my size and I was so SURPRISED when I got the mail a week later (or so) after I gave her my dimensions. And the package came in perfect condition, as you can see! ^^ I kept the stamps because I collect stamps from other countries, hehe ~

I told Nimi that at the moment, it is still winter-ish in Japan (but signs of Spring are showing, yay!) so my coordinate would be winter-style. But I guess my styling powers today opted for a Spring look!

I’m planing to wear this skirt again when I meet some friends this coming weekend! So excited, yay! <3


Sky on my skirt = perfection


Obviously, this is a work of love! I love the ribbon part at the back as well! : )

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