Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway (January 2013) Winners!

Hello all!  :blush:

Sorry to have kept you guys waiting for the announcement of winners. Had a little bit of trouble with time management.. actually right now, I don’t know how I managed to detach myself from my bed.. ;_; It took quite a lot of effort *legs you must cooperate* ….

First of all, thank you thank you thank you all for participating! I got a bit heartbroken when I realized many really did their effort to share but all I could do was trust on luck. Wish I could be a fairy and just give everyone a lucky bag but.. I’m not huhuhu. Don’t worry,  I’ll have more fun sponsored giveaways in the future and I hope you guys will still participate!  Hihihi~  :yay:

giveaway2013 copy



~ rafflecopter time yay ~

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★ Rainbowholic January Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight★

★ Hello everyone! ★

To celebrate my birthday month with you guys, I have decided to hold another giveaway contest ~  :hug:

giveaway2013 copy

These are just some of the prizes to be given to 7-10 people! :”)

I will try my best to announce the giveaway tomorrow (or even later, hehe) so please wait for it! Yayayayay!!!



OF COURSE, this huge giveaway will not be possible without my …

* confetti * confetti * ☆


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