Memories of Spring 2018 (Photos From My Disposable Camera)

Hi everyone!

I got my film camera for end of March – April developed. Here are the results!

After I post this, I have to run and catch my train, haha!

Walking around the Tokyo neighborhood during lunch break.

Weekend shipments for Rainbowholic Shop. Had to bring these with me on a train trip, haha!

Not sure what these flowers are called but they really bloomed so beautifully after sakura!

My favorite cherry blossom view from above!


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My TEDxUTokyoSalon Experience

Hello everyone! こんにちは!Yay~ a proper blog post!

Last weekend, I attended my first “TEDx talk”. I love watching TEDx talks and reading books that are all about self-improvement, success stories of entrepreneurs & visionaries and everything about passion / dreams. Gone are the days when I would spend countless of hours watching Japanese / Korean dramas and the like. I have lost interest in going to events where you can just socialize for the sake of having company / “social life” (I find it hard to accept invites for random meet-up parties without any purpose lol #Grandma #ObaachanKaila). Now, I’d love to connect with people who have the same drive and wavelength as I do. And just a personal realization…  I feel that I’ve changed so much during all these years because I’d always look forward to my usual morning feed from Entrepreneur, 99U, Mark MansonTiny Buddha, Marc and Angel…  etcetera (I find it hard to buy magazines about style / fashion only.. whaat has happened to me haha). Right now,  I just really value self-education a lot because whenever I learn something new, I become more open-minded. And an open mind with a fueled drive combination is something that I really work on. ^^

When I applied to become a participant in TEDxUTokyoSalon2 (U Tokyo = University of Tokyo = Todai = Harvard of Japan ;_;), I really thought I wouldn’t be accepted because my answers for their mini interview were quite unconventional . I wrote about kawaii, spring, and the like and I’m pretty sure they found my answers weird haha (*used to that feeling*). But anyway, I’m just so grateful because they accepted a non-Japanese speaking Filipina like me. We were only 2 gaijins (foreigners) there and most of the TedxUTokyoSalon people were males. I would like to congratulate my real introvert self for hiding for sometime. : ))


Also.. I think I’ve mentioned this before, one of my crazy dreams is to become a presenter / speaker for a TEDx talk someday too. But I need to brush up my skills before that day happens (*if*). I actually applied for a TEDx talk before because I wanted to share how “kawaii” can empower women / girls (since in the Philippines, people who love Japan and at the same time, express it through their fashion / etc. still have this “stereotype” as “weird” when they are just being true to themselves. I wonder if this is the same case in other countries?). Of course, such idea was probably too *wtf* that time… (rejections / denied ideas are not a new thing for me.. hence, rejection builds character blog entry haha)  but I realized that with or without TEDx speaker invitation / acceptance, I/we can still spread the idea we have behind the Kawaii Empowerment movement. <3 You can always make your own platform / opportunities / events. And this is one of the reasons why my blog exists, haha. This is my self-made stage. : )

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.51.18 PM

TEDxUTokyo is a collaboration with TED that gave birth to Japan’s first TEDxUniversity. The framework of TEDx is to help fulfil the role that a university is to play in society, which is to be an embodiment of knowledge, and since 2012, TEDxUTokyo has been hosting talks with the traction that TEDx provides. TEDxUTokyo is the largest TEDxUniversity that invites as many as 15 speakers to talk about Japan’s future through organized talk sessions with 400 audience members. Since 2014, we have begun to deepen our community through hosting full TED content packed small-scale events like TEDxSalon, TED video live streaming sessions, and idea sharing event TEDxLive. In business, the arts, and the fusion of academic fields, from our community, we strongly believe that we will give birth to innovators who will form the spine of Japan’s future. (source:

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Spring in Japan + Bowling at Shibuya + Cafe Hohokam with Rachel

Whenever I go for a walk in our neighborhood, I really take it as an opportunity to just relax and literally “breathe”.

My work revolves around my laptop (though I try my best to spend less time with it and enjoy offline work more)..

… so it’s always refreshing to just walk and admire the beauty of Japan’s environment. <3



These small flower pots around never fail to make me pause for a while. Too cute to ignore! Agree? agree!

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