You Wormed My Heart (Not A Typo) + Kimono Date With Lirei In Tokyo

Hi everyone!

Here are just some recent life updates.

First of all, I got sick twice this month already because of the very moody cold weather. Please do pray that I won’t get sick anymore, huhu! I feel incomplete if I don’t upload enough youtube videos and getting sick does not help, yikes!  Gambatte, self! 

It’s been crazy these weeks and I’ve been juggling work, personal life, creative collabs all at the same time. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, huhu. Time.. where you at?! * cries * I have a greaaaat feeling I will hibernate and be an introvert after this month and just become an obaa-chan in Saitama. I haven’t been resting these past weekends too.. oops. >_<

Anyway, March is coming soon and I’m so excited because my dream to bring my parents here to see sakura / cherry blossoms / Mt. Fuji is about to come true! I can’t wait to tour Mami & Dadi ~

Okaay, I’ve typed too long already haha. Let’s finally start with the photo collages already, shall we?

I am so happy. Thanks <3 for all the gifts! These are great for my hobonichi videos, lolol!

Got to try the Sakura Blossom Cream Frappucino & Latte with friends! Both are yummy!

Hobonichi time

Random selfies + Sakura Raspberry Milk drink from Starbucks Japan

My ultimate favorites! Matcha icecream everyday, please.

Thank you Sponsor-san, lolol

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Kawaii Japan Packaging + Starbucks Japan Sakura Special + Mini Ouji Adventure + Kiddyland Harajuku Cuteness

Hello everyone!

Here’s another super kawaii spam that I want to share ~

Yesterday night after work, my cousin Gil, Justin, and I went to a nearby Starbucks to try their famous seasonal Sakura drinks!


Sakura Blossom Frappe + Latte & Sakura Chiffon Cake = Simply HEAVEN!


Went to a local grocery yesterday too and spotted this Sakura-flavored Jumbo Mushi Cake!


Asahi and Suntory’s special Sakura packaging design = for keeps!

DSCF6793 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Here are some chocolate freebies for our Japan Lover Me Store customers / clients! I really love this “fashionable” collaboration among DARS & Japanese fashion brands!

DSCF6794 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

DSCF6059 tokyo kawaii rainbowholic

Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle! Just a preview of many photos of my Kiddyland Harajuku visit with Kiko, Crissey and Crissey’s friends! 😀

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Kawaii Spam Overload: Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte + Dream Cherry Blossom Nike Sneaks + #OnlyInJapan Haagen Dazs Flavors

Hi everybody!

Just want to share this set of kawaii flatlays / random kombini photos I’ve taken recently. As of the moment, I have 9,000 photos stored in my Camera Roll. Dear God, please grant me the strength to make time for deleting repetitive snaps, haha!

… maybe for now, let me dump all the cuteness here! 😉

Anywaaaay~ do enjoy the rainbow feast!


My cousin Gilbert gave me this Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte (with crushed strawberries) from Family Mart. Thank you Gil! ^_^


I love collecting and hoarding precious Milky / peko-chan souvenir boxes! Arigatou to my bestfriend Leen for being so thoughtful as always!

Peko Y U SO CUTEEE huhuhu


*takes 10+ more photos lololol*

Honestly though.. I’m not really loving the flavor. It’s too strong for me and it reminds me of some meds I used to take when I was a child. Haha

10 stars for the packaging though! It just proves that anything with a kawaii / sakura-fied design would really SELL hahaha. Super effective marketing / advertising! :))

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Kawaii Fund + Random Daily Kawaii Snaps (February 2015 Week 3)

Hello everybody! Good evening from Japan : )

Just a quick post before I continue with my work again!

As of the moment, I’m working on OurKawaii.TokyoJapan Lover Me StoreCardcaptor Sakura Club and the “Kawaii Fund“.

Days are crazy as usual and I feel like I need around 2-3 bodies to accomplish everything. But nevertheless, I’ll do my best with my current body, haha!

Also before anything else, just want to take everyone who takes time to leave comments! Promise, I mentally reply. Haha. ありがちゅ!


Here are the teaser graphics of our Kawaii Fund project. Illustrated by ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush.

Honestly, I get scared a lot of times although I tend to appear relaxed and confident. I’m the type of person who would dive into meaningful projects / campaigns only knowing maybe 40-50% of it.The rest of the percentage is just courage (in Tagalog, pikit-mata lang ako talaga haha). But for this time, I know for sure that courage alone will not be enough. I need help.. WE need help. Lots of it. Hope you could support our vision and objectives for our fund-raising project called “Kawaii Fund”.

This will be open for everyone around the world. If you want another dream convention in the future / more kawaii gatherings / self-published / funded projects.. it is not only up to the Kawaii.PH team, it’s up to everyone’s collective effort and support. My mom would often ask me, why do I even stress myself out with projects that do not even pay or compensate me. Why so much passion lololol.

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