Life & Work Updates + July Favorites + Rainbowholic Studio Preview

Hi everybody!

This week has been really tough because I had to do a lot of “physical work” for Rainbowholic + JLM Store. I want some thai massage right now.. huhu.

No worries, I’m still surviving so….. life, bring it on! :))

(the things I do for work. ahhahaha omg Rainbowholic spotted climbing the roof ?! :)) )

I work twice a week at our company to help out. During the rest of the week, I become a Rainbowholic slave (just kidding haha).

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but a few months ago, we moved most of our inventory to another place in Saitama (inaka / local area). Everyone has really been “gambatteru” (doing his / her own best) to get things done & I’m so proud of all of our achievements produced by team work 🙂

How to buy a Japan Souvenir Jacket from (walk-through video)

Here are some recent video uploads that I have. If you haven’t watched these yet and you are bored.. you know the drill, hehe!

Hobonichi With Me | Kiiroitori Diary x Tower Records Cafe in Harajuku ?

July Favorites (2017) + How I Motivate Myself Everyday | Rainbowholic ?

Just uploaded a lengthy video (2 parts = July Favorites + Life Hacks haha :P) and it’s now up on my youtube channel!

This video is about how I keep myself motivated even if there’s a lot of ~overwhelming~ things happening in my life.

Hope it helps anyone out there! 🙂

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Oiran Style Photoshoot by Studio Kokoro (Arashiyama, Kyoto)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mika Ninagawa‘s colorful photography (ever since Helter Skelter movie!)..

.. and experiencing this Sakuran / Oiran-style random photoshoot session (thanks to Studio Kokoro) when I was in Kyoto..

… I was just so HAPPY!

It was so fun & exciting!  A totally new experience!

My photos have always been cutesy style so this mature look…. isn’t it just so refreshing?? Haha!  :yay:


Apparently, Kaila has a sexy side, hahaha~


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Sassy, Crazy & Silly Me

Hello, hello!

Just wanna share this funny set of photos we took in a super oshare (fashionable) studio where I accomplished my mission for the Kawaii International episode last weekend! I’m still preparing the special blog entry series of the Kawaii Tour with Stella, Mio, Eva & Marie that happened in April.  :yay:

For the meantime, enjoy these wacky photos first.. haha!!

It was break time so my brother and I figured we should mess around… haha~  :tss:

Wearing this rei plugsuit dress from JSG x Eva Store collection!


I love incorporating random / favorite characters to my fashion style which I call “ota-cute” fashion.

Otaku + kawaii = <3


I just goofed around and did funny poses :))



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