Daily Life Updates + Our Kawaii Tokyo Survey + Takashi Murakami’s The 500 Arhats Exhibition

Hi everyone!

Today is Fridaaaaay (in Japan)! And that means, last day of work for this week! *confetti everywhere*

Just taking a break from making .gif promotions for Japan Lover Me Store. How I missed blogging, haha. It’s only been days since I last blogged but I’ve gotten so busy and engrossed in my work! :)) Productive-wise, I think that’s okay hahaha.


First off, just want to plug the ongoing Our Kawaii Tokyo survey we’re having!

We need more info about what our readers for our book project. One lucky respondent will receive this super pretty sakura / cherry blossom postcard I personally handpicked! 🙂



Just listed these cute Takashi Murakami flower plush cushions!


Felt suffocated inside the office so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Went to 7-eleven to buy my favorite gyudon! 😀


Received my new set of business cards! Didn’t include my number / address in this one, haha.

This set was pre-designed at Zazzle! 🙂


My old iPhone case looks so overused already so I finally convinced myself to buy a new one. Just wanted a plain / simple one but LoFT ran out of iPhone 6 plus cases already :(( So I had to settle with this one. I think the quote is okay but.. it’s so deep ? :)) Anyway, I just want to protect my iPhone because I’m such a clumsy girl. This will do for now, haha!


Thought that this moment was too cute so I had to capture it. I still don’t know the name / makers behind those cute plushies, haha!

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Takashi Murakami Cuteness + Sukajan Lookbook Teaser + Kawaii PH Art Community + Bits of Japan Life

Hi everybody!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy (and really cold… ;_;)!

My friend Carla (one of the girls behind Love, Agnessi) from Manila went to Tokyo and Kat & I showed her around. They are my friends from my university (pre-rainbowholic days, woot!) and being able to catch up with them after so many months = always the best time! 🙂


We visited Takashi Murakami’s ongoing exhibit (The 500 Arhats) at Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills.

I had some errands that day in Roppongi too so it was perfect timing! 🙂


Spotted a random rainbow while walking around! It made me forget about for 3 seconds about the cold weather.


I want to fill up my room with all of theseeee cuties! That smile is just soooo 😀


Bought myself a flower pass case! It took me a lot of thinking time :)) Been trying my best to save up for this year’s travel plans!

Anyway~ here’s a preview of my current desk right now. I like surrounding myself with cute, fluffy, and smiling kawaii characters!

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January 3, 2016

こんばんは!Konbanwa from Japan!

This post is already overdue about how I spent my 25th birthday last January 3 but I’m sharing it anyway! Better late than never, hehe! : )

DSCF2385rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Started the day with a selfie! I’m going to compile all my shameless selfie birthday photos until the day I turn into a kawaii grandma, haha.

DSCF2392rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Rode the subway to Roppongi. Had mass and went to Takashi Murakami’s Flower Cafe for a late lunch!

DSCF2393rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

DSCF2449rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

More photos here!

DSCF2454rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

This view would always remind me of my Roppongi date with Ashley last 2014!

DSCF2455rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

I went to Ueno after my Roppongi afternoon.

DSCF2457rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

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#LettersFromABC + Store Updates + Kiddyland Harajuku Autumn 2015

Ohayou Gozaimasu from Japan!

Before I start my work here (at 9AM ~), let me just share some snaps + overdue photos!


Received this postcard from Abbey! She sent it when she was in Finland with her family.

More info about #lettersfromABC here.


Saw this huge Gudetama plushie! I first thought, “Wow, life-size gudetama!!” lololol.

The image of gudetama inside my mind would always be the lazy man in yellow suit :)))


Received a very sweet postcard from Amaya (from Singapore)! See you in Oct/Nov 2016!!!


Updated Rainbowholic Shop with on-hand stocks of the Cardcaptor Sakura iPhone 5/5s/6 cases!


Will be blogging about the Flower Cafe soon at OurKawaii.Tokyo!

Collage SK710 - 720

New Japanese Sukajan / Souvenir Jacket arrivals this January 2016 at Japan Lover Me Store!

Harajuku + Kiddyland Autumn 2015 Kawaii Spam

DSCF1437kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Overdue photospam from last year’s kawaii date with Celina!

DSCF1569kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

DSCF1567kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

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