My Oedo Onsen Monogatari Experience + Things To Do in Odaiba! ♨️

Hello everyone!

For today’s blog post, I’m going to share something special!!

This blog entry is about my lovely experience at Oedo Onsen Monogatari. To those who don’t know what “onsen” is, it’s the term for hotspring in Japan. If you wanna try onsen for the first time in Tokyo, I suggest going to this place since it has many facilities you can enjoy besides the actual onsen itself! ^^

It’s so nice to take photos around the place so definitely fun for those who want to snap photos & pretend they’re back in Edo period in Japan, haha!

Walk around in your chosen comfortable yukata. You can also dine (sushi / ramen / Korean food?!), have a foot spa, enjoy the arcade, and so much more!

Read the entire post until the end to find out about my favorite things to do in Odaiba!

For the first number, of course, it’s Oedo Onsen haha!

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Things To Do in Harajuku by OurKawaii.Tokyo

Hello everyone!

After months of hard work, I am just so proud to present & share our FIRST episode for the “Our Kawaii Tokyo” video series!

If we’re talking about “kawaii”, it is just appropriate to start with HARAJUKU (a.k.a. world’s cutest place)… right? 🙂

DSCF9068Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

Here’s a photo diary version of the video itself. Enjoy the spam! : )

DSCF9135Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9178Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9069Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

Shot last April 2016.

DSCF9149Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9070Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9071Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9185Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9091Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9073Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9194Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

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Random Life Updates + What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated

Hello everybody!

First of all, I was so surprised by the feedback I got about my last post (Kaila gives advice to a girl who is feeling hopeless). I’m very happy to know that some people found it useful / relatable as they are experiencing the same thing. *HUGS EVERYONE*

These past few weeks have been really crazy from my side. I have like a mountain of things to do but my body isn’t cooperating well. I feel more tired than the usual and I just feel like reading e-books because physically, that’s the only activity I feel I could do (for now haha. go eyes lolol). ;_; I downloaded this app called “scribd” and gave it a try… and I’ve been reading books / listening to audiobooks like crazy!! Here’s my testimonial on facebook hahahaha. <3


So I was feeling unattractive a few days ago… so I got my emergency make-up kit (haha) +flat iron to transform myself.

My mood became so much better haha. Though I also like myself with just moisturizer on, getting girly / dolled up does really make wonders!

And it’s always better when I wear my favorite gudetama top!! Hehe <3


After experiencing a so-so week of ups and downs.. I finally got to write down what I did to keep myself sane with all my responsibilities / overflowing tasks. Still, I’m thankful for everything!

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D.I.Y. Kawaii Harajuku Experience Itinerary by Rainbowholic

Hello Rainbowholic friends! Ohayou from Japan!  :heart: 元気?

I just want to tell you guys about this ambitious project I have been working on!

kawaii copy

For the past 3 years here in Japan, I have been touring close friends from Manila (and sometimes, online world) and bringing them to “kawaii” places here in Tokyo.

As you all know, I really enjoy strolling around and doing tourist-y things even though I already live here in Japan. Also, I get sooooo many questions about “Where to go in Harajuku, Kaila?” .. “Where to take purikura?” “Where is 6% DokiDoki?”…#truth hahaha

It seems like the list of  things to do in Harajuku is still not enough to cover everything. Honestly, when I go to Harajuku with a friend who is a tourist, sometimes I don’t know where to start because THEREEE are so many places and activities to do!

Remember the Harajuku Reporter I did before for NHK World Kawaii International program? I interviewed a LOT of foreigners about what they think of Harajuku / what’s their itinerary. Didn’t realize that the research I would get from that (lololol) would be applied to the ~kawaii tours~.

There was a time during Sakura season that I had to bring 3 (or 4??) friends in separate days to Harajuku alone! I was almost in Harajuku for a week lolololol :))


So there, I will first cover Harajuku (there might be 5 parts) and maybe later on, I can do one for Shinjuku (where I used to study Nihongo), Shibuya, Akihabara.. and other オススメ / recommended places in Tokyo.

For some reason, it is also my dream to publish a book about my kawaii recommendations / activities here in Tokyo. Figured I shouldn’t wait for a publisher / collaborator to actualize this grand idea of mine. Should just make my own online book through a blogging platform, lol.

So there, I hope you will wait for it!

If you have questions or suggestions, please do leave your comments here. ありがちゅー!