Life Updates + Thank You, 2016! ?

Hi everybody!

It feels like it has been a decade since I last updated this blog, haha!

I’ve been extremely busy these days for various reasons and I hope to get my usual content creation pace back ~

Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken during my absence! 😉

Saying goodbye to autumn ~

Thank you Chichi for these! You can buy these soon from Rainbowholic Shop! For local buyers, please check our instagram at 🙂

Shoefie ~ lolol

Got these presents from Mohammedさん!You guys should check out his dreamy art ~

The customized postcard is my favorite!

Look at that beautiful washi tape design!

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Life Recently + My New Favorite RÅSKOG Utility Cart

Hi everybody!

For a change, I am blogging about my ~current~ events, haha!

tanabata.jpg tanabata.jpg

Happy Tanabata! Spotted these cuties at our local station.

Read the story of the star-crossed lovers here.

kaila-sensei.jpg happy-totoro.jpg

Today was my second day at work as a sensei. I really enjoy this baito (part-time)!

Did you know that I’ve always wanted to be a preschool teacher when I was young? I can still remember the days when I would pretend as a teacher in front of my playmates, haha! I’m currently teaching English to Japanese kids (got referred by a friend, so I gave it a try).. I really hope they are learning from me, haha! I’m just a substitute right now but I hope I’ll be considered in the future too! Nevertheless, I am already thankful for this experience. :”)

Moreover, it’s a good break for me from all the managerial duties I’ve been doing for JLM Store. *hooray*

My life has become 100x crazier these months as I have more responsibilities and sacrifices to make (I doubt you guys felt that because of my ~rainbowholic~ happy posts haha). Even with all those, as you can tell, I really try my best to be at my most positive self. I’ve committed to live mindfully and to have a “well-rounded” life that does not only revolve around work (it used to be like that). If I do get sad or my mood turns sour, I would remind myself over and over again this: “Why would you ruin a whole day just for that?”.. and after that, my recently scolded self would smile again, haha. In this lifetime, I am aiming for “balance”. I want to enjoy the good and not-so-good days, to maximize my youthful years by traveling within my means and juggling various work, and to document precious moments while being appreciative of everything. The “me right now” is something that I cannot go back in the future anymore, so might as well live each day with a peaceful and open heart.

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Rainbowholic Interview by

Hello all!

I think I’ve forgotten to blog or post about this but my interview by Super Cute Kawaii is already out! ;_;

I remember restarting my “kawaii lifestyle blog” years ago and stumbling upon SCK (I was googling for “kawaii blogs”) and I never thought that this day would happen. Wow! :O

super cute kawaii - kaila rainbowholic

I really put my heart into answering all the questions and I hope that you guys could spare some time to read my passion over cute culture. ^_^

The interview link is here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.02.36 PM


10 Random Things That Happened Recently / Currently On My Mind

  1. I’ve become sooo busy handling orders and taking photos for Japan Lover Me Store! I’m so happy that our year-long effort in building our e-commerce website is finally kicking off!
  2. Watching videos about entrepreneurship and success stories has been my favorite “break time” since last week. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so inspired. I’m already 25 and I really hope I will have enough time to build my own “empire” (lol, what a big dreamer) before I turn 30! Call me ambitious.. but this is really just me, haha.
  3. I miss going to our nearby onsen, huhu. TIME WHERE U ;_;
  4. I can’t wait for all the trips I will be having this Spring / Summer! So much excitement!
  5. On the other hand, I think I need to minimize my weekend outings. I have to miss out in order to save up. I’m not sure if this is ~*maturity*~ but I am aiming to incur expenses only if these are investments.
  6. Omg, why do I sound like I’m so workaholic?? Or.. am I? I’m in denial??
  7. KAWAII MARKET 2016. Coming soon.
  8. OurKawaii.Tokyo Book Deadlinesssss omg
  9. I really want to start watching Cheese in the Trap Korean drama soon. Again, TIME WHERE U??
  10. I’m excited to run again tomorrow morning! (Is this me?!)

My brain is so scattered lol.

Have a great week, friends!

<3, カイラ

Searching for My Elusive Self through the Happiness of the Japanese: An Essay by Eric Ocampo (10 Years Ago)

This essay was written almost a decade ago by my older brother Eric (who is 30+ yrs. old now haha). Found this while cleaning my old email inbox. Thought it would be great to share his thoughts. : ) When you thought I was already deep.. apparently there is someone out there who is more pensive / reflective than me, haha. This essay will give you an idea where I am also coming from. : )


The vivid images left on me by my first encounter with Japan had an indelible print that sparked me inquisitively in learning more about its idiosyncratic aura. That was about 5 years ago when I was still lushed with innocence about the workings of everything surrounding me. Upon graduating from that stage of being filled with undulated awe and mystique, I resolved to myself that one day I will be back for more and to discover what really caught my fancy in the world of ninjas, samurai, and recently, of playstations and cutie cars, not mentioning, the girls who look like real anime pulled straight from mangas.

I was blessed on several occasions for having been granted opportunities to seek my interests in this land of blossoming fushigi-ness and inevitably to become seduced by its charm and natural beauty. Needless to say, the more I spend my time idling around and “watching people” float by, I find myself attracted more to its impeccable imperfection of being such. And this feeling never failed to rest upon me until I reached the point where I was thrown into a tailspin of deep reflective tendencies which brought me to pedestals equaling that of the great philosophers, priests, and the honorable homeless man doing a stand-up monologue satirizing Japan Inc. and the train employee who banishes them from time to time. Later on in this self-proclaimed odyssey, I realized that the charm that captured me was the same urge that is propelling me deeper in knowing more about my own self even until now. It is my early awareness of the fact that I belong to this greater order of mankind and that I am in continuous search of my life’s purposes. Moreover, I have come to realize that only by knowing my own natural inclinations, deepest desires, sweetest passions, lofty dreams and indomitable wills that I can find more reasons to live a good life. I would now try to guide you to the same train of thoughts that led me to discover myself and this philosophical treasure I have right now. These encounters with sort of moments of “enlightenment” come from the fact that it became my liking to watch people and wonder about life…

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