Tiara by Tracy Dizon Now Available in MAM Avantgarde Harajuku, Tokyo

Hello Rainbowholic Friends!  :star:

Just a quick post to show my support for Tracyねえちゃん and her cute couture brand, Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

Her designs are now available at the “Harajuku Girls’ go-to point for legwear!” right in the heart of HARAJUKU… MAM avantgarde!  :3star:

Check out TokyoFashion.com‘s store feature about Avantagarde Harajuku here! AMAZEBALLS GUYS.

HUHUHU Such a dream come true for Tracyねえ〜!


Super happy to be part of this project! I was the photographer & videographer in 1 whole day of fun shoot with Emikaちゃん & Yukaちゃん!


Please check out Tiara by Tracy Dizon works in the store itself if you come visit Tokyo! 🙂

UNI-URCHIN See Sick,Sea Sick!  :woww:

Modeled by Yuka Matsumoto


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GIANT Rainbow Pocky + Kyary Pamyu Pamyu + m&m’s Tiara Bow GIVEAWAY!

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :cheer:

Here’s another giveaway I’m sure everyone of you will love~  :heart:

I sponsored everything except for those cute Rainbowholic-inspired m&m’s Tiara by my favorite designer/sister/friend Tracy姉ちゃん〜!

For the FIRST prize, you can win this KPP Loot bag + Tiara bow!


Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu goodies!

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If It’s Meant To be, It Will Be~!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a planned meeting with Tracy nee-chan who flew all the way from the Philippines to visit Tokyo. It was the same date of her arrival here… and the same day I forgot my cellphone at my brother’s car. @___@ *insert FUUUUUU meme here*

So we promised to each other to meet up under the Takeshita Street banner sign, just in front of Yoshinoya in Harajuku. I was almost running late so I didn’t bother to go home and I couldn’t contact my brother (he’s not at home!!) as well because I FORGOT HIS CELLPHONE NUMBER AHHHHH ;_; Basically I had no choice but to just wait for Tracy nee-chan to come. I arrived at 4:50 PM.. I wanted to be early because last time, she waited for me! I don’t like it when people wait for me so I really try my best to be punctual. I tried calling my own phone, wishing my brother would answer it.. but nobody was answering huhuhuhu. It was getting late and late, so I thought that Tracy nee-chan would wait at the other Harjauku station exit. Many people were looking at me (which I couldn’t understand.. I mean it’s in Harajuku and everyone wears.. their own kind of fashion) but I just shrugged it off. I probably looked like a lost carebear with huge bows on my geisha-inspired hair @_@


(I took a purikura alone first to kill time while waiting… fortunately, the purikura paradise was just near!)

ANYWAYYYY- so I tried calling my phone again, went back and forth to different exits, scanned the crowds, praying to Kami-sama that Ate Tracy would arrive already… Since it was also the day of her arrival, I knew that she might probably be late. And I was worried for her because she might be lost, or whatever. But then again, I had no clue on what time since I don’t have a phone with me :”(( And then it was already 7:00 pm, the heat was almost killing me… and for some reason, I had a hunch that I should look for an internet cafe! Maybe my brother would be kind enough to message me his phone number on facebook, or I would get a tweet about Ate Tracy’s arrival in Tokyo.

So I walked for a bit.. still praying for a blessing from the heavens. AND THEN… I didn’t know that there was a hidden internet cafe just in Takeshita street!!! OMG seriously, I thank my bladder (lol) for bringing me to Mcdonald’s and made me look twice at the banner with インターネットカフェ, the katakana for Internet Cafe just right beside Mcdonald’s!! I immediately signed up for an internet session, even though it was 490 yen for an hour… I just had to take this God-sent opportunity!  😥

Thankfully, my brother left his phone number on my facebook inbox.. so I borrowed a pen from the staff and jotted it down at the back of the neoprint / purikura. I received a tweet from Ate Tracy’s boyfriend that she will arrive late, around 7:30 pm. JUST IN TIME!! Good thing I practiced my patience & womanly instincts in this matter ;___; At least, the “waiting experience” I had yesterday is now a good story I can tell to random people / to my forgetful self.. :dead: Then I ran to the nearest phone booth, called my brother up & let him check my cellphone mailbox (which I couldn’t access because it’s only for my phone)… and he called Taka-san (Tracy nee-chan’s bf) to confirm that I will wait or something. It was just so crazy!! Haha :blush:  Anyway, at least.. the universe wasn’t totally conspiring against me *my optimistic self reassures*.

Then I decided to just chill down for a while and sit like a lost child in front of Yoshinoya. And then when I looked at my left… I thought I saw an angel! : )) Seriously, at that state of mind after hours of waiting, sweating profusely (thank God I brought a fan with me, I love you LIZ LISA store person who gave it away), and not knowing what to do.. seeing Ate Tracy walking towards me felt like .. I was greeted by an angel.. hahahaha!! And I lost my mind and hugged her!! Hours before when I was about to tear up (LOL), I promised to myself to go home at 8:00pm (before discovering the internet cafe) and just send a long apology letter….. but I guess that this quote is true— “If it’s really meant to be, it will be”!!  :nod:



After shrieking for a minute or so & told about my stupid I-forgot-my-cellphone-especially-today story in a minute, we went to have our purikura first!

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