Tanabata Festival at Tokyo Disneyland! 🎋

Hi everybody!

Aki and I had some time off earlier this month. Last summer, we visited Tokyo Disneysea. This time, we explored around Disneyland during the day!

Dumbo has always been one of my favorite Disney characters (Top 1: Winnie The Pooh) lol ~

It was so delightful to see the newly-renovated “it’s a small world” attraction!

Matcha & chocolate donut from a store at Tokyo station.

Happy to be back home!

Watch the Tokyo Disneyland 35th Happiest Celebration Vlog here.

Do read the video description for more details / recommendations! ^^

It was so pretty to witness the Tanabata festival decorations all over the place!

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ABC x Rainbowholic Day 2: Never Too Old For Disney!

Hello everybody!

This post has been stored in my drafts for too long already. I hope you don’t mind if this entry will be just filled with photos as usual, haha. Things are becoming more and more overwhelming everyday and I just want to finish all these pending work / projects started months ago. 🙁 As much as I want to enjoy and have fun all the time with my friends and when I go outside, I cannot concentrate well because there are just a million things running on my mind. Yikes. I better do something about it! >_< I just want to sleeeep, watch movies, and cuddle with my big Rilakkuma huhuhuhuhu~


Anyway, please do enjoy the photos of Disneyland (once again, hehe)! Miss you, Abbey!





(Day 2 take-away hehe)




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Christmas Fantasy 2014 at Tokyo Disneyland

Good morning, Rainbowholic tomodachis!  :happy:

As promised, here is the Tokyo Disneyland photospam blog entry! : )

Enjoyyy~  :happy:



Emika and I went to Disneyland last year as well. You can view it here~



I will never get tired of Tokyo Disneyland <3



ありがとう for the random fun~ Kiko, Ashley, Emika and Gervin!


Honestly, we all have different personalities + background so it always amazes me how we can mash well together. Hahaha

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Christmas 2014 at Tokyo Disneyland (Teaser)

Hello everyone! Just a quick teaser post~!  :blush3:

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Tokyo Disneyland ~ after weeks of planning! And it was a day FULL OF LAUGHS & screaming, haha!

Thank you so much Emika for arranging this!

And arigatou to the crew– Gervin, Ashley and Kiko for the unforgettable time!

Here are some sneak-peek photos of the ~magical~ day <3


Carousel at night  :cute2:


The happiest place on Eath indeed 🙂


Never too old for Minnie ears!



Before I end this quick entry, I just want to say and express my huge thanks to Brittany, a Rainbowholic reader from Canada, for sending all of these goodies!  :happy:

Hope I can visit Canada someday! 🙂

Tokyo Disneyland


So much to be thankful for~ ahhh! <3

Love, カイラ