Adrenaline Rush + HFW no. 15 + Be@rbrick Surprise with Project 1/6 + ETC

こんにちは〜! :yay:

I’m currently taking a break from working on my current project. Phew~ 大変だけど、嬉しいです

I can’t believe how so many things can happen in just a month!  :blank: Seriously, sometimes I think that days have become too short. *_*


Anyway.. here’s a rather complicated outfit photo for my HFW (Harajuku Fashion Walk) work for! I just finished the video today and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Please wait for the article to come out, hihi~

Coordinate details:

JSG Unicorn Hoodie, MOMO knit top, Les Fantaisies Tights, Rilakkuma Canvas Tote bag from, SWIMMER shoes  :heart:


Last January, though it was my birthday month.. I was actually having a LOT of  down days because of personal reasons. YUP, optimistic people like me do get depressed too.  :x: but…  after drowning myself with endless self-motivation quotes & engaging myself with various creative outlets…… each and every single day, I could feel that I was getting better and better. ^^

I guess that what they say is true… hitting “rock bottom” in your life really does empower you more. It’s the PERFECT time you can pause & reflect, filter your thoughts & drain all the negative emotions, reflect & refocus your goals. Then once you’re all set & you feel that* adrenaline rush, you can restart your car engine until it works again.. then you continue your trip or you take the detour you planned instead. Hehe~ don’t worry when I really feel 10000% better (can’t wait for the day when I’d just laugh about the unfortunate things that happened to me), I’ll write a motivational post for my readers (who might be experiencing something similar). I’ve always wanted to share a more personal / relatable entry anyway.  ^^v


On a different note, something really, really great happened a few days ago.. but I have to keep it for myself first. ;__;

Never thought there would be a day I’d prepare a short Rainbowholic presentation.. and in Japan! The meeting went so great that I even had a spontaneous crybaby moment out of  happiness. Yes, I also cry when I’m too happy (ureshisugi)!!  Had to contain myself after because my eyeliner wasn’t waterproof.. hahaha #girlproblems

Another fact about myself is.. I actually like doing presentations.  Reminds me of my advertising thesis days.. which is still probably the best presentation I did (yet) with the best team I could ever be with (hi Gracie & Patrick!!) ^^


Easy Kawaii D.I.Y. time with modes4u’s puffy Rilakkuma stickers + Instacollage on iPad (best for making mood boards, etc.)  ^^

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Dolly Meiku Practice + POP N CUTE #4 Halloween Version!

My face on your screen.


I was bored so I played with make-up + iPhone 5’s front camera is just too.. great @_@ I wouldn’t wonder if people would just opt to buy smart phones rather than digicams now..

I actually wanted to take a photo for every make-up step but obviously, it was a fail :))


After that, I grabbed my not-so-costume Halloween costume? :))

I knew I would be busy during Halloween so I just had my own party in my room for a few minutes (and then went back to work @_@)..


I bought this really cheap set from a 100 yen shop (probably for kids hahaha). I was a chocolate witch and my broom would be.. the Pocky sticks?? dafuq? :))


My Dolly Make-up Routine

This would be my first Beauty-related entry because some readers suggested I should blog about this. I feel that I am the most unlikely person to be asked about Beauty / Make-up stuff but anyway.. hopefully this would be of any help to someone out there? : ))

Usually I wash my face first then apply toner and let it sip in for a while. If my skin feels a little dry (especially in Winter -_-), I put on moisturizer too.

After that, I use BB magic cream from Etude House for overall concealing + moisturizing + brightening effect. I use ONLY MINERALS for my foundation base..

For my oily eyelids, I will use my foundation from Etude House (the dark purple one in the photo). I usually put on a lot on my eyelids if I will be out all day. I think I’m the only weirdo who does this, hahaha~

Don’t forget to put on foundation on your neck / jawline too! You wouldn’t want to look like a ghost during non-halloween days..

Before, I’d really put baby powder on my eyelids too @_@ my eyelids are that oily .. especially in SUMMER and during hot days!

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New Hair, New Kaila! + Love Mail From A Malaysian Reader + Random Stuff

Hello~! KONBANWA 皆さま〜!!

Please welcome the NEW Kaila!! Hehehe~!  :yay:

For some reason, whenever I have my hair done / I color it with a new one.. I’d feel like a new person afterwards!!

It’s been so long since I had a dark hair. For the past.. 4 years (???) I’d always play around with brown color (orange-y brown, caramel brown, reddish brown, I’ve done it!) but I promised to myself to never go darker again.

But change is always good, even the drastic ones! Hahaha!

 Also, one of my readers commented before (Hi Maisa!) about going darker hair-wise. Thanks for the little push! That did it, haha!

At first, I wanted to buy the FRESHLIGHT hair washes since these are super easy & fun to use but…

… I decided to try out this brand!  :star: And I love it!!

My hair is so thick that’s why I had to buy 2 sets. And it turned out that I should’ve bought 3 instead ;__;

 Because of my very “heavy” crown, I overcooked the top part of my hair by accident. That is why it seems a bit black-ish in the photos when it’s actually “dark brown”.

As you can see from my tips below, it became a bit gradient-ish. I just found out today that I really left a part that’s a bit caramel / ash gray color! Hahaha!!


That’s my hair against the light. No color edits here!  :tongue: And I love my lips red, if you haven’t noticed that yet…

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