The Island Life in Boracay (Day 1 & 2)

Hi friends!

After a long day at work, I can finally blog about our Boracay trip last Summer!

Here’s a recap of what happened. Do read Chichi’s comprehensive / detailed blog post here and here about our entire vacation! 😉

DSCF3296 boracay day 2

DSCF3238 boracay day 2

DSCF3216 boracay day 2

White sand!

DSCF3316 boracay day 2

DSCF3196 boracay day 1

DSCF3221 boracay day 2

With my kawaii sisters (from another set of parents, haha) ~

DSCF3363 boracay day 2

DSCF3272 boracay day 2

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Chichibu Kogen Bokujo’s Red Carpet of Poppy Flowers (秩父のポピー)

Hello everyone!

Today, I went on a spontaneous adventure to Chichibu once again! It was actually my third time visiting Chichibu, also known as the home of the famous icicles & shibazakura. Currently, I’m on a mission to spend my “soulful” sundays alone to discover more beautiful parks & sceneries here in Saitama and its neighboring prefectures. ^^ It’s funny how I’ve changed so much over the years. Before, I would prefer going to Tokyo / Harajuku / Shibuya for the kawaii cafes and such (I’m still into cute culture of course) but now, the grandma in me would tell Kaila to just have a kawaii zen day, lolol. Your priorities in life really change when you age, hahaha.

I was actually having second thoughts whether I should run / jog as usual but my soul was craving for some nature / trees / flowers since last week…. so this adventure was ought to be fulfilled haha. I felt like I had to follow my inner voice even though my bed was hugging me so tight earlier this morning. XD

Anyway, let the photos do the narrating~! Enjoy!

DSCF4690 chichibu poppy flowers 2016 saitama


Unfortunately, there were no food vendors in the area. I was looking for a softcream / icecream stall! :))

My 2-yr. old icecream umbrella from swimmer should replace for now, haha!


When on a journey in Japan, you must always bring folded sheets of paper with you! Stamp rally activities by JP train stations are just too fun!!

If you can’t find the stamp corner, just ask the train staff: “Eki stampu wa doko desu ka? (where is the train stamp?)” hehehe


I always find it fascinating how these train engineers operate the train. So effortless!

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Kaila in Hokkaido Day 2: Got Lost in Takikawa, Rode the Norroko Train, Matsuri in Biei & Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku


Let the adventures begin!


Feeling exhausted from yesterday’s happenings, I woke up at 10 AM.

Hello there, Totoro!


Walking towards the subway where I will be taking the train to Sapporo station.



My airbnb place was located in a school area and it was refreshing to be surrounded by Japanese teenagers / university students. Somehow, it made me miss my school days!




Had katsudon for early breakfast.


Art inside the train.


Using the JR Pass, I was able to secure a non-reserved seat express train (Limited Express Super Kamui) for Furano.

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Kaila in Hokkaido: A Special Kawaii Travel Series

Hello 皆様!

To start off this special kawaii travel series on the blog, I prepared a Hokkaido video summary which you can watch below (after this photo + essay lolol, hihi)~!

Kaila in Hokkaido

It’s been a week or so since my Hokkaido dream (it felt like I was in my own dream the whole time huhu)… and I’m missing it very much. I have realized a lot of important things about myself during this trip. Work and side projects really kept me busy for so many months and I already reached the point where I was just so exhausted and uninspired.. and my soul was craving to just take a break and go solo travel somewhere.

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