Hokkaido Day 4: Search For The Blue Pond + Farm Tomita + Biking Around Furano

Hello everyone!

Finally, I’m going to blog about my last full day in Hokkaido (a.k.a. the most adventurous day of the whole trip). Huhuhu, doing this makes me miss traveling.

Scan 35

Here’s a preview of my mini travel diary when I went to Hokkaido.

Scan 36

Scan 37

Inside Kaila’s brain haha

Scan 38

Scan 39

Yay, DAY 4!

Scan 40

Kaila’s Most Adventurous Day in Hokkaido

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Woke up early to catch the train that was bound for Asahikawa.

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I got off the train and witnessed this marvelous view of flowers that were about to dry up.

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Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Arrival & The Colorful Chinatown

Hello, hello friends~!  :heart:

I just got back from a short family trip in Baguio this weekend. :yay:

Tomorrow, I will be moving out from my current place here in Manila.  😥 So many things to do… huhu. *breathes*

Energy, I neeeeed you so much right now .. TT_TT


I can’t type long captions for this photospam blog entry but I hope the photos below will do the explaining / narrating of my first hours in Singapura~


Morning flight means I neeeeed coffee 😀

Nice little book~

Here we go!

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