Sakura Time with Mich and Satchiko + Meeting Filipino Bloggers in Shimokitazawa !

The past week had been so eventful.. !  :what:

I think that my social life increased by 1000% in just a span of few days! :O

I got to meet these two lovely Filipina not-so-little “little sisters” who will be working with me to spread and introduce Japan’s kawaii culture to the Philippines and to the world!

Satchiko is a half-Filipina while Mich is a full Pinay from Cebu! <3

I’m sooooo ready for Kawaii.PH expansion!  :star:

Harajuku and Shibuya~

On my way to the train station~ Spring time!! <3


Even if I’ve been here for a couple times since I got back, I haven’t really strolled around and I missed it! TT_TT

Even after living for almost 2.5+ years here in Japan, I think seeing Harajuku styles such as these has become too normal for me! Woops!


Mcdonald’s Japan has a special Cherry Blossom / Sakura theme!


Super Kawaii girl from Cute Cube + Sakura Cherry McFloat from Mcdonald’s Japan!

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