Witnessing A Full Rainbow + Totoro Soap from Twootie + Japan Candy Box Preview!

Hello folks!

Here’s just a super quick update about my life recently. SO much craziness!

It’s been quite a roller coaster, and I’m just pushing myself to look at the brighter things.

Will share after I resolve these peacefully on my own. For now, yay photos and mini plug + updates! : )


I have never witnessed a “full” rainbow in my life so imagine my SHOCK when I came home and saw this. Look, it even seems like a double rainbow in the photo! *_*

Very thankful for this day because I was able to bond with our intern / little sis Sig at JapanLover.me in Daikanyama. 🙂


Kawaii blythe dolls from the display at Junie Moon, Daikanyama. : )


Came home and received a package from Twootie (thanks Carly for referring me? Haha!) ~

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