January 3, 2016

こんばんは!Konbanwa from Japan!

This post is already overdue about how I spent my 25th birthday last January 3 but I’m sharing it anyway! Better late than never, hehe! : )

DSCF2385rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Started the day with a selfie! I’m going to compile all my shameless selfie birthday photos until the day I turn into a kawaii grandma, haha.

DSCF2392rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

Rode the subway to Roppongi. Had mass and went to Takashi Murakami’s Flower Cafe for a late lunch!

DSCF2393rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

DSCF2449rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

More photos here!

DSCF2454rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

This view would always remind me of my Roppongi date with Ashley last 2014!

DSCF2455rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

I went to Ueno after my Roppongi afternoon.

DSCF2457rainbowholic kaila ocampo birthday

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Kawaii Panda Time in Ueno + Harajuku Time + U-EXPRESS Concert (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Katy Perry, SNSD!) + Krispy Kreme Spring Donuts

Hello guys!  :star:

Here’s a super kawaii photospam for the weekend.  :yay:

Went to Ueno to have a video shoot..

(which later on failed because the wind was crazy. :)) )


If you’re going to Ueno and would like to have a “kawaii panda time” (lol there is such), Cafe Hibiki is the best (and inexpensive) place!


Monchhichi 40th Anniversary


Cafe Menu from another cafe ~ we had lunch here first.


Coolest vending machines. Panda and Marvel!!

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AstroGirl Kaila, Cardcaptor Sakura Childhood & Kawaii Haul in the Philippines!

Hello 皆ちゃん!Here’s a very kawaii-packed blog entry to make up for the time I wasn’t blogging~ I have to squeeze in everything in a single post since I will be busy with work projects ;__;

If you haven’t read about my Philippine Trip (Part 1 & 2), you should!

WARNING: Don’t read with an empty tummy!!~ hehe!  :star:



Had to go to Akihabara today for a special meeting with my brother. We stopped over at Ueno as well to relax for a bit.

Today’s look is inspired by one of my favorite oldskool Japan icons, ASTROBOY!


Wore my favorite golden kira kira devil hat from SPINNS! Wore this as well when I was at POP N CUTE!

Why I don’t need rain boots. Shiny black docs will save me from the rain puddle!

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