Kawaii Market 2016 by Kawaii Philippines + Japan Lover Me Updates + Kawaii / Passion Blog Plugs!

Good morning from Japan! おはようございます!

Before I start today’s long list of work, let me just share some updates from Kawaii Philippines, JapanLover.me, Japan Lover Me Store and Cardcaptor Sakura Club! Will be plugging some kawaii blogs by my friends who recently relaunched / redesigned their websites. If you need some kawaii / passion inspiration, definitely visit their sparkling blogs!


This coming summer, Kawaii PH Team + Kawaii PH Store Team are cooking something for the kawaii artists & crafters! We’re still finalizing the details about this event but we’ll surely flood you with announcements next month! : )

Japan Lover Me Kawaii Little Miss Paintbrush

ChiChi also revamped Japan Lover Me’s facebook page… and it just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!

Of course, it’s been ChiChified! :))

JAPAN LOVER ME Kawaii Japanese Culture

Thanks twin for all the great kawaii work! : )

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store

ChiChi also came up with idea of her characters wearing Sukajan designs from Japan Lover Me Store!

So brilliant, right?!

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store2

For more info about the Sukajan designs / jackets, click this link!

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First Week of September So Far + Cardcaptor Sakura Necklaces (New Release)!

Hello everybody!

I just got home from a day of reviewing Kanji + physical (and draining) work from 2PM – 7PM!

Tomorrow, I will be attending a yoga session with a Japanese friend (so random lololol). I still have some listings that are already overdue but I’ll do my best to get my pace back. BEEN CRAZILY BUSY THESE DAYS HUHUHU I’m swimming in my own self-imposed endless work… but again, I am in no position to complain. I’ll just enjoy everything while I can still be this “active”! Enjoying the “youth” haha.


This is our mini van when we pick up boxes / stuff from the rented lockers. We had a major revamp of the inventory today and mosquitos loved my legs. ;___;


This is my favorite Sukajan from our current collection at the Japan Lover Me Store.

AS OF THIS MOMENT, I still have 50+ Sukajans to list! I’m excited to share with you all the entire collection!!!!


Chichi painted a Sukajan girl art! This is way tooooo ADORABLE! What do you expect from Little Miss Paintbrush??? *_*

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Life Updates + Kawaii Funko Pops + Cherry Blossoms & Flowers in Saitama

Hello folks! Good evening from Japan! : )

I got inspired to blog spontaneously again (even if I have a lot of pending tasks huhu) because I’m currently with Ashley right now and she’s drafting a post on Our Kawaii Tokyo. Ashley’s blogging drive is so infectious haha!

Just wanna share some life updates. I’ve posted most of the photos here on social media though, hehe!


Say hello to the “pretty” side of my JLM office, haha.

Don’t be tricked by my photos because reality looks notably far from this picture-perfect corner. : ))


Random Happenings  in Kaila’s Life:

(Please note that these are not listed in order, hahaha. Lazy blogger yes)

  1. Had a very important and blessed meeting at Harajuku last week. Wishing all the best for Kawaii PH huhu! #PUSH !!
  2. Got to try sakura “anman” from Family Mart Japan (convenience store).
  3. Finally brought out my precious totoro washi tapes I bought from Donguri Garden @ Tokyo Character Street (Tokyo Station)!
  4. So after taking photos of a sakura tree in its full bloom glory, grandpa noticed how amazed I was that he decided to give me a branch from a sakura-looking tree (red petals??) (please check bottom right photo haha)

    I went home smiling like a fool and people looked at me as if I stole this thing lolololol

    Thank you super nice grandpa huhu the puzzled / judging looks I got = definitely worth it haha

  5. Went to IKEA Japan for the first time with my sissie-in-law, Claire nee-chan!
  6. After months and months of without massage (massage is a basic necessity for people prone to stress like me lol), I finally had my well-deserved session from our favorite Thai Massage Salon! Huhuhu. When I go to Thailand, I’ll make sure I’ll destress the stress out of me lol!
  7. Discovered a new hotspring / onsen place in Saitama with my brother.
  8. First time to try and taste “Earl Grey Cake” with my cousin.
  9. Omg.. “Milky” yogurt does exist!!! (reference: center left photo)



Flower loveeee : )

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Kawaii Gift Art From Jenni & Aiyla + Cardcaptor Sakura Postcard Winners

 Good morning everyone from Japan~!

Just wanna share these kawaii illustrations & I have some announcements! <3

kawaii girl magical girl kaila
First of all, I wanna thank Jenni for this super cute gift art of me! I’m a magical girl, yay!! Jenni is my fellow Cardcaptor Sakura fan friend from Australia (I can’t remember how long we’ve become online friends hehehe)! You can check her super kawaii works here & here! She also drew me a couple of times before and she never fails to surprise me huhuhu. I’ve been Jenni-ed, hehehe! Arigatou for making time for me, Jenni~  This is super cute huhu! And I’m wearing the Kawaii Girl Uniform here!!! *_*


Thank you Aiyla for drawing me as well! You can check this cute girl’s instagram here. ありがとう for the support as always! 😀


Receiving kawaii art love makes me want to go try and draw again lol. Or maybe I should just stick with my doodles :))))

Blog Survey Postcard Winners

To everyone who made time to answer the blog survey last time, thank you.. thank you! ;_;

All of my feelings will be posted on another blog entry ~ I need to concentrate first in absorbing all of your wonderful testimonials about Rainbowholic blog. ;_;


Also, thank you for pointing out some constructive ideas that I could do to improve my blog more. : ) Thank you for being so helpful, everyone! It means a lot to me as a passionate blogger. ^^

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